Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today I went to do OT at King George STC. It's a small place, unlike Rangoon or Stadium STC. It was just a small area. It was together with Singapore Pools, whereby Turf Club counters are just counters 7-10. I dun really like doing OT at STC cos' I see so many smokers and gamblers. I see the way they throw their hard earned money to the horses, I feel like telling them might as well donate to me to pay off my debts. In fact should put it as pay off someone's debt but in the name of mine. I make friends with a middle aged man. He told me today he has lost $560 to the horses.

How wonderful if he gave this $560 to me leh...

Last nite and the nite before I was doing nite shift. So doing 2 nite shifts already then this morning I still asked for OT. I wanted to go for Rain's concert but you know lah, good posts are snatched by ppl long time ago. That's why I was saying, good things where will have my fair share. Only those lousy and unwanted things then will push to me. Sunday, nobody wants to do OT at STC. There you cannot sit, need to stand throughout. Fortunate for me, the manager was a nice guy.

Today after I knocked off, I went to City Hall and had my breakfast at Burger King. Then I went to HMV to take a look any any new CDs on sale. It has been a long time since I went out like that. I'm not saying that momo is a burden to me. Oh no, momo is never a burden to me. She was still awake when I came home. My mum bought for her some new clothes again. Oh my, momo is sure being spolit like that. Gonna put a stop to it. My mum says she will leave the clothes till CNY for her to wear. Will take pics of them the next time round.

I wanted to go to Pacific Coffee for some nice aroma strong coffee. I need to stay awake for my OT mah. Initially I was told to just standby, just in case anyone didn't turn up or late. But I know in my heart sure I'll be deployed out. CISCO officers standard I know long time ago. But if I really didn't deployed out, they will pay me the standby allowance and additional $20.

Now is already 2325hrs. I better make it fast and go to bed. Tomorrow sect 1 leh... I hasn't been resting since last nite.

Okay where did I stop? Oh yes, I went to the Marina Square Pacific Coffee but it was still closed. So I went to City link the TCC.

Just 2 years ago it was still Pacific Coffee. I will always remember that place... Cos' it was where I first meet with my g/f. I still remember what she was wearing on our first date. White spaghetti strip, black kneel skirt and.... sanders. Her foot was sprained, if I remember clearly it should be her left foot. Her shoulders are sun burnt, still got the marks there. I was teasing her that time. I bet she doesn't remember what I was wearing that time.... Anyway, all I can was just keep those sweet memories. I know damn well, I won't be together with her anymore. It's time to let her move on and myself to live my own life. I just hope that, if I ever married, my future wife won't be those petty and crazy ones. Those who are so good in acting and gaining sympathy.

TCC isn't selling those coffee I was looking for. So I moved on and I went to the Market Place at Raffles City. I saw Gloria Jean's Coffee.

I told the barista that I want something strong.

"Black coffee"

Black coffee with 2 packets of sugar.

Gloria Jean's Coffee... Taken at Market Place.

It helps. At least I didn't fall asleep during my OT. I got a hard time telling all those smokers who try to entered the outlet with their cigarettes. They want to smoke, by all means, outside. If they want to enter inside the STC premises, they need to finish their puff before entering.

End of the day, I got 8 hours of OT.


koizumi from friendster said...

Time will heal everything,concentrate
on your work and momo.
"Jia You"
In no time, she will be in primary one.
Time and tide, wait for no man.
Girl can have more clothes.Can dress her nice and you can take more pictures. I likes to see her pictures.

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