Tuesday, January 02, 2007

These T-shirts mean a lot to me... Why? Cos' they are memorable to me... I just eleborate a bit here...

This HRC T-shirt is actually from my g/f who went to Orlando with her boss in 2004. That time before she went there for about business, I just casually mention to her that I would like to have a HRC T-shirt. And she really bought me one... The best thing is at that point of time, we aren't together yet. So touching of her to remember what I told her, I didn't nag and nag at her leh.. Just one time and she really got for me. I will forever remember that time we are supposed to go for a movies.. She came late... I waited for her at West Mall. She appeared in front of holding a HRC carrier. Later then I know that actually she went back home halfway to get this T-shirt cos' when she left home, she forgets to take it with her. The movie we watched together: First 50 dates starring Dew Barrymore. She was wearing a white T-shirt and shorts. The same T-shirt I do have it too. She got a extra one so she gave it to me. It was in the washing so I couldn't snap a pic of it.

The front

The back
This T-shirt was a gift from my g/f too. That time she was showing me her collections of T-shirt and she took out from her closet. I dun remember whether is she offered to me or I request from her to give it to me. The only regret is I didn't even wear it and yet someone has already wore it a few times. Shit!!

This sleveless Tee was we bought it at Tampines Mall. That time the Fox is having a sale and we were trying out many clothes there. In fact, this white red one was supposed for her but I said I wanted it so we exchanged. She too has one, but of different colour. Cos' she is tall, so it looks nice on her too. In fact, when we looked into the mirror, she looks better than me.

This selveless Tee, I dun really remember if she got another of such a design or not. Most likely she doesn't... This Tee till now I still haven't wore it. It makes me look so tanned when I look myelf in the mirror.

See, so we did have some lovers' attire but we never has the chance to wear it going out on the streets.

I really hope that I'll never have any of my friends who follow my footsteps. Love doesn't come cheap, love doesn't come easy. Dun be fooled by someone who claims that they love you and you end up forsake the one that you are with. Just remember, there is no such thing as easy success in this life. Everything you need to work hard for it. Things that comes easy will also go easy. No pain, no gain.

Just like you go to the market at 10 am, do you think the fish will still be fresh? Or you walk on the streets and someone comes up to you wanted to sell you his heiroom? You really think such good deals got your fair share? Of so many ppl in Singapore and he tells you that you and him got fate so both of you can meet at this dunno where dunno how place?

Last but not least, I sincerely hope all the best for those who are going to get married or those who comes a long way with their b/fs or g/fs. Do cherish those who in front of you. Like our teachers who always tell us, dun accept gifts from strangers. You want it, earn it yourself. And when you earned it, do cherish it.

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