Thursday, January 25, 2007

That's it.... My mum is going to spoil this little princess in no time. She's only 7 months old and she even got her own closet already. Hanging her dresses and more to come. My mum even wants to buy those small hangers for her clothes. I saw there are small hangers specially for babies wear, selling at Kiddy's Palace. Not cheap oso... I tell my mum why go to such trouble. Her clothes we can just fold them nicely and place them at the closet. Anyway her clothes are so small, compared to ours.

I wanted to take my towel cos' I just come back from work. You can see at the back got the blue coloured towel... I opened the closet and I saw her clothes hanging there. It was like.... so hilarious. Can you imagine such a big closet and inside it hangs clothes that are so small? I just can't resist bu to snap a pic of it and post it here to share with all my fella peeps.

Trust me, there will be more collections to add on. I wanted to buy those clothes like spaghetti strap or bare back clothes for momo but my mum doesn't allow me to get them for her. Some times when I passes by those shops that sell baby clothes, I'll go for those "in" a bit clothes and there comes my mum scolding me

"Baby should have their innocence mah, dun make them look like sexy sexy okay"

I even thought of letting momo wear bikini when she grows up... I mean when I take her to the beach lah.

Yesterday was the fateful day where momo got jab again, at the polyclinic again.... Time for her next vaccination. As usual me and my mum took a cab there. Not able to take public transport cos' little momo is so noti. She likes to look at passer-by, look at whoever walks past her.

Cos' little momo got an appointment in advance, so this time round we dun need to wait. In fact, it was pretty fast one. I just queue for for registration and got the room number. We proceed to level 2 and wait outside the room. Soon it was our turn.

Momo make a new friend yesterday. We saw a mother from China with her baby together with her Singaporean mother-in-law. Her baby is so chubby and fat... Momo is so small compared to her. But my momo is healthy mah.. That is the most important thing.

The nurse isn't that friendly, not like the last time when momo take her vaccination. The way she talk and reply to us is like, she is only doing her job.. Nothing more, nothing less...

I dun like her, momo oso dun like her...

From the time I step into the polyclinic till the time I step out from it, was about only 45 mins. Pretty fast heh...

This pic was taken on the pavement leading to West Mall. Mum says we better take our lunch first before going back home. She asked if there is any nearby place and I told her West Mall was just ahead. Not far away, just a few mins of walking distance...

How come this pic momo looks like she got cleft lips.

It was just the angle of photography that went astray. Momo is fine, perfectly alright.

We went to Koufu the food court to have our lunch. A few years back, it was still the Kopitiam. We had our lunch there so is momo... She had her milk.

I put her in one of those baby chair. Finally she can sit by herself in one of those chairs. She was observing anyone who sits around there and even she look at the aunt who comes around to clear our table.

See how she puts her leg? I didn't put her leg up in order to take this pic. I was taking my lunch and I noticed her leg was up. How can a noble princess be so uncivilised (how come this word sound so familiar)

Now momo is able to sleep in the playpan. When she is awake, she likes to roll here roll there. There are times when I almost saw her fall from the edge of bed. Too dangerous for her to sleep on my bed from now on, she need her own bed.

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