Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh no, yesterday was momo's 7th month old. It was also my first pen-pal, Petja's birthday, from Bulgaria. 26 yrs old this year. I think she will never read this cos' I dun think she knows about this blog existance. Nevertheless I still wish her a happy 26th birthday.

Tomorrow Rain will be coming to Singapore Indoor Stadium... Yeah!!!

But I won't be doing OT for his concert. Cos' all fully booked.. I mean, no lobang for me to go. Instead I'll be doing another place for OT. Guess where?

So sad... I thought able to see him from the stage below. Heard he is very good in hip hop dancing. What a disappointment that I couldn't see him... for free. Never mind since it's not my luck.

The next concert will be S.H.E. Too bad that day I was working... So can't make it also... What to do leh.. Work is more important mah... All these OT at the concerts are still OT, not my area of work.

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