Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I reached home after my night shift and I went into the room, as usual, to plant a fatigue kiss on her little smooth face. Guess what, she was sleeping soundly, so soundly that she left her tu-tu dangling at her mouth. I took out my phone and snap some pics lah... Such nice memorable moments is hard to capture. Macham like Kodak advertisements hor...

My mum was scolding me why am I disturbing her sleep...

"What is she wakes up, then how? You take care of her hor... So hard to coax her sleep and yet you come and disturb her..."

Yeah, it's true that we got a hard time to coax her to sleep... Many of a times we just put her in her sarong, rocking her to sleep. She did fall asleep, but she will wake up after a short period of time. Some times she will emerge smiling at you, some times she will cry. Cry means she still had not enough sleep or she wants to pee. Luckily, when I snap her pics, she didn't wake up. Some ppl says it's best not to snap a person's pics when the person is sleeping. What the soul leaves the body and if you snap pics, the soul will ganna scared and won't come back to the body. Well, I do believe the soul did indeed leave the body, but as to the part whereby the soul ganna scared and will not come back... Hmm

What do you all think? Do you believe in that?

Hard to imagine this baby can sleep with something in her mouth... Do you know that her little pink pillow is soak with her saliva and... it stinks? But she like the smell woh...

Closed up snap... You know what, when I pulled out the pacifier it got a "pook" sound and her mouth was like sucking and tasting it still.

Quite some time I couldn't blog... Now I come to a conclusion that the fault lies with the laptop. Why? When I used other PCs it okay, I can load this page pretty fast. I really can't understand the rational behind. Can someone pls tell me?

So I shall summerise the past one week what I've done.

Last Sat, I wanted to go for the concert for Eason Chan. I dun like him at all but for the sake of money... Well, I didn't go for his concert. Instead I went to do OT at Singapore Turf Club, STC. I have never been to any turf clubs before. To date, I went to 2 STCs, one is at the Rangoon STC and the latest one is the Stadium STC. Rangoon STC is the one situated beside the Little India LRT station. For those who like to bet horses or buy 4D or Toto or simply lives near there, it's no stranger to you. 3 floors high... Stadium STC, is just below National Stadium loh... Quite large the area. Both OT are so boring. So many gamblers patronise there. I saw so many aunties and uncles, all paying $3 entrance fee. Good thing is that no smoking is allowed at the compound, other than at the designated smoking room. I makes me wonder is it a Chinese generation heritage that ppl will want to throw their money betting when they know that most of the time they will end up losing more than the chances they gonna win. I see the horses' bets. You place $5, for example, if you win you only win $2 but if you lose you lose $5. So the thing is you are basically losing your money. Someone ever said to me, you buy you sure will lose; you dun buy you sure be poor. If that's the case, then why ppl still want to waste $3 entrance fee and much more money betting on something that the probability of you winning is so less. I see at the counters, the minimum bet is at least $100. Before going STC, I didn't know that there are horses racing in Perth, KL, Perak too. Not much ppl want to bet for horses racing held in Perth though.

Now is already 9 days past year 2007, things doesn't seems to be improving for me. Maybe I didn't make my New Year resolution or maybe I've been a bad boy for the past year so luck isn't on my side. Now I babysit my own princess, I did housework for my mom. Mop the floor, wash the toilet, clean the house. You know what, it seems that my mom doesn't believe me that I can clean the toilet so clean as I claimed I can. She thought that I hardly clean up my own room so she assume that I would be a lazy bum. She as wrong, man. During my training days, I will clean up my own barrack so clean that even the instructor, walk past my barrack will just take a quick look inside and goes off saying that how good if all the other barracks will be as clean as ours. I got my own way to make the rest of my squadmates to clean up efficiently. The only way is not to order them to do this do that and you yourself sitting down there. I would wake up earlier than them and clean up first. They saw me cleaning up and they will feel paiseh so naturally they will also do their part. Or whatever you want them to do, you outta do it first. So the next time you tell them to do, they will do cos' if they dun do I'll do for them. So they dun want to see me doing for them, they do it willingly.

It reminds me how I looks like when I was washing the toilet bowl in my home.

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MoMo cute cute, good gal & MiMi Sayang. MUACK!!