Thursday, January 18, 2007

I managed to be able to locate where I saved momo's video which I took of her eating ice cream... So glutton little girl. Well, I just hope she won't grow up to be a fat litle girl... Babys are cute when they're fat, but not when they grow up. Only demons like to eat fat children. Or maybe the Boogeyman loves fat children.

Boogeyman is actually a legendary figure which in US, those parents used to scare their naughty children to make them sleep early cos' they've not been doing so. The desperate parents after trying various ways, even resorted to reading them bed time stories... Still unable to tuck them to bed, so the last resort is to scare them.. Boogeyman, they said that if late at night and the Boogeyman will comes out from the closet and find any children who is still up, then he will grab them and drag them into the closet.

Well, it's up to individual to take the legendary figure to be fiction or real. But what I'm going to tell you is if my momo is still up late at night then his papa will come and grab him to spank her little butt. Maybe till then her butt isn't small anymore.

I tell you, momo is so noti. Last nite she was crying and wanted to attract our attention. No one is free to play with her and she was like crying and then looking around with her big eyes. No tears flow from her eyes, just pretending to cry hoping someone will carry her. I doesn't want to bother about her crying but for a while I just can't bear to see her rolling on my bed and I just lift her up into my arms and take her.

Can you see how much she loves ice cream... She just had her share of cereal, mind you...

Okay, I have decided that I had enough of this little princess... Throwing her bloster around and wetting her diapers, eyeing my ice cream when she already had her share, refusing to drink her milk, putting everything and anything she saw into her mouth, tearing up my newspapers, pulling my hair whenever I try to kiss her, scratching my face with her nails... Enough is enough... Tonite I'm going to teach her a lesson. Niak... Niak....

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