Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bought some cakes again... I went to the confectionery at the Jurong West Central. Not the one 5XX, but the one 9XX. Near to the City Harvest Church. Earlier on, I went to see a doctor. My feet have been so itchy and it persisted for almost 4 months now. I tried to put medicated powder, change my socks more often but no use leh... It just getting worse and more itchy. Athlete foot or Hong Kong foot, I supposed. Nevertheless I went to see a doctor just somewhere below. CISCO panel doctor, so I just need to pay $5. Got the AVIVA card mah... We called it Dr AVIVA.

I think this is a mango cake... Not sure what was it called.

Should be raspberry cake lah hor... This pic was taken from my old pic somewhere last year. That time the cakes are still simple-looking.

Now they come out with some little decorations at the top.

Simple looking cake last year leh....

Now you see? Just add some fruits on top and guess what? It was selling at $4 per piece. Total I bought 3 pieces and it cost me $12. Without the fruits it was only selling at $2 per piece. Thanks ah, just a few pieces of fruit and the price goes up by 100%

Today is 13th the Sat, luckily not Fri the 13th... But to me Fri or 13th is still the same. Later I will be doing OT. Tonite Eric Clapton will be performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Initially I wanted to do that assignment but too bad I didn't in the end. Instead I was doing OT at another place. Now whenever got OT I'll grab.

Anyone likes Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton? Can't imagine he was like in the singing business for... 40 years? Wow...

As usual, I took some pics of my little princess. Still the same, so noti and cute.

This pic my mum was scolding me for making her so sexy, revealing her shoulders.

"Ha! So this who (yes, you... dun look around I'm talking about you.. The one who just bought her love nest last month) Dun think only you know how to show off your nice shoulders, me momo oso can okay? Dun see me small girl girl...Aaaa yak..."

She looks a bit like a mannequin in this pic hor.. Her hair... Well, it was bcos' she just took a bath and her hair was all nicely wetted at her scalp.

You know, whenever my mum wants to bring her bathing, she will remove all her clothes and left her birthday suit. Then she will hand carry momo to the bath-room, showing her small butt to everyone. I always tell my momo not to "indecent exposure" her butt. At least let her put on a top or wrap her with a towel. Frankly speaking, momo is so cute in her birthday suit. She will laugh whenever you bring her for a bath. She enjoys playing with water. Soon when she is old enuf to sit by herself, I will take her to the swimming pool to soak her little torso.

Guess what? I got quite a number of friends whose birthdate is on the 19th. Mine is on the 19th Dec, together with Jessyn 19th dec, Zen 19th Dec, Francoise 19th Dec. Momo's birthday in on the 19th June, my very first pen-pal Petja's birthday is on the 19th Jan. If I'm not mistaken there should be a few more whose birthday in associated with 19th.

I feed momo with some cakes.. She is such a glutton... Anything she oso want. You know, she just had her share of cereal leh... The last time in Sept, she was still small, still unable to eat cake. Now she has grown older a bit, can eat more solid food.


peppermin said...

awww.... she's so cute eating the cake!!!!
whahhaha... :D

Jayelle said...

hello eggyoke!

I just spent the last half an hour reading through your blog...

You mentioned in your post that a reader can ask you the details of your sadness..if you don't mind can you share them with me? Can email me at i'd like to hear it.

Coz can you imagine the thoughts in my head... Single father, a law enforcer, no mentions of a loving and caring wife...and it's so touching that you love your daughter so much.

The post about you missing your ex girlfriend made me very sad.

I'm also quite intrigued by your career... I have a thing for blogs by people of a certain profession.

I was one of the party goers on christmas eve..:D Maybe you were one of the law enforcers that I saw?

I was there with my boyfriend and the crowd was SO packed. But I like Singapore.. it's different even though it's so near.

Oh, I am Malaysian by the way.:P