Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Okay, I'm still alive... So sorrie to disappoint you, make you feel disappointed or add to your disappointment. You know who you are there....

Lately the sky is so clear, the weather is so hot and no more rainy days.. At least we can now see the sun when we go out on the streets, and our clothes can get dry faster.

Today I was feeding momo with some bread. I put my finger, with the little crumps of bread on my finger together and I put it into her mouth. I can feel she got little teeth at the lower of her gums. So tiny leh... I wanted to take pics of it, but no matter how I tried, she just doesn't want to open her mouth wide. She will struggle and scratch me. So garang hor...

Oh no, little princess is injured. She is hurt... Took her to see a doctor and her right, no left, no right.. no no left, no no no right, right leg is bandaged up. She got scratched by the cat in my home. Little momo was lying on the floor that day and it comes the fat cat. Both of them are sitting side by side chit chatting about where they should sneak out when everyone is sleeping. The cat suggested why dun they go out, just outside the doorstep and play rolling on the floor. Momo said that her new top is her grandpa buy for her so she doesn't want it to get torn and dirty. Momo suggested why dun they go and play with water at the bathroom.

This cannot, that cannot... So they can't reach a concensus after an hour or so. Both of them got into a arguement and momo tried to sit on the cat, pretending to be riding a horse. The cat retaliated by reaching out its paws. Momo tried to kick his paw away but missed... The cat was too fast and little momo got screwed. Her left, no right leg was scratched. That is how the story goes.

Nahh... you think it really happens meh?

Firstly momo can't talk and even if she does, she also won't bother to chat with the cat.

Secondly the cat can't talk and even if it does, it also won't bother to chat with momo.

Look cute? I didn't know that her legs are so long leh... I wrap the whole roll of bandage and it is still not enough to make it looks realistic.

Lately I was thinking a lot of things... The most important thing is how to get out of the shit. I mean all the shit that my most "beloved" wife has left for me. I think no wife will ever leave behind so much money for her husband. Can you just imagine, it was like you go to downtown pubs and it says

Free-Flow beer,

Ladies Nite,

Dun leave this pub without getting drunk,

If you can walk out of this door by yourself, get your ass back cos' you're not drinking enough yet

Oh Hell Yeah!!!

I saw in one of my peeps blog that she was asking how many ppl actually was reading her blog.. So I also want to know how many ppl out there who actually reads my blog. Can you peeps just leave a msg whatever in the comments that you had dropped by?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Here comes the little momo... This time she wrecked havoc again... Well, she always create a lot of storm whenever she wakes up from her sleep.

So what is she up to this time?

I feed her with some ice cream, chocolate ice cream... I told you she is always so greedy. Even though she just had her porridge she still wants ice cream. So I fulfill her desires. I scoop some bits of ice cream in my bowl, sitting near to her in her walker. She, with her little feet, tiptoed from was like 2m away right to where I'm sitting. Her eyes was locked onto my bowl of ice cream. I dun want to enjoy alone, leaving her crying and whining. Oh yes, now she has learnt how to whine. She was like crying... Or maybe not really crying but make sounds something like crying (but with no tears). She will keep on doing that until she gets what she wants.

For this case, she wants some of my ice cream.

So I feed her with her small, orange spoon. She loves chocolate favour. She loves sweet things.

See how dirty she gets? I was wondering why she looks so shocked when I took her pic? I purposely not to wipe her mouth after some spoons of feeding. She looks like a little vampire who just finished sucking blood heh? I mean such a cute little vampire, who would mind giving her a little of your blood...

After wiping her mouth clean... Ops a drop of ice cream drop onto her top.

See she finishes all my ice cream... Still biting the bowl, refusing to let go.

Today I just come back from the hopsital. My Sec Sch friend just give birth yesterday. I wanted to takea pic of us together but her hubby and her mum were present so I think it's better not to do that. I didn't have the chance to see her baby, it's a son.

I was in the transport when she SMS me saying that her baby was born into this world, weighing 2.6kg. Momo was about 2.58kg. My friend didn't smoke at all. Her hubby loves her so much and she was all the while a happy mother whilst in her pregnancy. She had a Caesarian cos' her baby was with the cord wounded 4 times around his neck. She went to Gleneagles Hospital cos' she was having a high fever. While there, the gynae suggested having a checkup for her baby.

God bless that the gynae was a experienced one. He immediately admitted her into the labour ward and he didn't give her the natural birth way. Lucky little one who come out just in time or else...

Now he was in ICU, his condition was stable and out if danger. Soon, hopefully he can be discharged together with the mum. You know, sometimes it's really true that if you do good deeds or you lead your life a honest one, God will bless you. Like what happen here.... God bless her and her baby.

There is a example which happens in real life... This mother who is pregnant with her child. She did so many wrong doings, no matter how much her hubby advised her she never listen and keep on repeating the same wrong doings over and over again. Everyone gives her a chance to turn over a new leaf. But she never cherishes this opportunity. She smokes despite knowing that smoking is harmful to the fetus, despite her husband scolds her and tell her not to smoke. She instead of heeding the correct advise, she even threatens him that one more time he stop her from smoking, she will go back to her ex-husband place and down there, no one will stop her from doing what she wants to do.

So throughout her pregnancy she bleed and bleed. Instead of admitting her own wrong doings, she even accused her husband of having scandals outside so that's why she is bleeding every now and then. She says God is punishing him for what he is doing behind her back.

Like what I said is true, God is Great. He knows everything. He punishes those responsible and not those innocent. The mother bleed throughout her pregnancy but the baby is fine. The baby is healthy and there is no defects with her. Right now, she is sleeping soundly in her playpan.

Can someone explains why is that so?

Just like the Tsunami, the documentary was reporting in one part of Indonesia not far away from the sea stands a 200 yr old mosque. It was only made of wood, only about 50m away from the sea (or so). How come it can survive the Tsunami where as those concrete walls of the resorts so high up in the hills were all brought down? Ironic, right?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

That's it.... My mum is going to spoil this little princess in no time. She's only 7 months old and she even got her own closet already. Hanging her dresses and more to come. My mum even wants to buy those small hangers for her clothes. I saw there are small hangers specially for babies wear, selling at Kiddy's Palace. Not cheap oso... I tell my mum why go to such trouble. Her clothes we can just fold them nicely and place them at the closet. Anyway her clothes are so small, compared to ours.

I wanted to take my towel cos' I just come back from work. You can see at the back got the blue coloured towel... I opened the closet and I saw her clothes hanging there. It was like.... so hilarious. Can you imagine such a big closet and inside it hangs clothes that are so small? I just can't resist bu to snap a pic of it and post it here to share with all my fella peeps.

Trust me, there will be more collections to add on. I wanted to buy those clothes like spaghetti strap or bare back clothes for momo but my mum doesn't allow me to get them for her. Some times when I passes by those shops that sell baby clothes, I'll go for those "in" a bit clothes and there comes my mum scolding me

"Baby should have their innocence mah, dun make them look like sexy sexy okay"

I even thought of letting momo wear bikini when she grows up... I mean when I take her to the beach lah.

Yesterday was the fateful day where momo got jab again, at the polyclinic again.... Time for her next vaccination. As usual me and my mum took a cab there. Not able to take public transport cos' little momo is so noti. She likes to look at passer-by, look at whoever walks past her.

Cos' little momo got an appointment in advance, so this time round we dun need to wait. In fact, it was pretty fast one. I just queue for for registration and got the room number. We proceed to level 2 and wait outside the room. Soon it was our turn.

Momo make a new friend yesterday. We saw a mother from China with her baby together with her Singaporean mother-in-law. Her baby is so chubby and fat... Momo is so small compared to her. But my momo is healthy mah.. That is the most important thing.

The nurse isn't that friendly, not like the last time when momo take her vaccination. The way she talk and reply to us is like, she is only doing her job.. Nothing more, nothing less...

I dun like her, momo oso dun like her...

From the time I step into the polyclinic till the time I step out from it, was about only 45 mins. Pretty fast heh...

This pic was taken on the pavement leading to West Mall. Mum says we better take our lunch first before going back home. She asked if there is any nearby place and I told her West Mall was just ahead. Not far away, just a few mins of walking distance...

How come this pic momo looks like she got cleft lips.

It was just the angle of photography that went astray. Momo is fine, perfectly alright.

We went to Koufu the food court to have our lunch. A few years back, it was still the Kopitiam. We had our lunch there so is momo... She had her milk.

I put her in one of those baby chair. Finally she can sit by herself in one of those chairs. She was observing anyone who sits around there and even she look at the aunt who comes around to clear our table.

See how she puts her leg? I didn't put her leg up in order to take this pic. I was taking my lunch and I noticed her leg was up. How can a noble princess be so uncivilised (how come this word sound so familiar)

Now momo is able to sleep in the playpan. When she is awake, she likes to roll here roll there. There are times when I almost saw her fall from the edge of bed. Too dangerous for her to sleep on my bed from now on, she need her own bed.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today I went to do OT at King George STC. It's a small place, unlike Rangoon or Stadium STC. It was just a small area. It was together with Singapore Pools, whereby Turf Club counters are just counters 7-10. I dun really like doing OT at STC cos' I see so many smokers and gamblers. I see the way they throw their hard earned money to the horses, I feel like telling them might as well donate to me to pay off my debts. In fact should put it as pay off someone's debt but in the name of mine. I make friends with a middle aged man. He told me today he has lost $560 to the horses.

How wonderful if he gave this $560 to me leh...

Last nite and the nite before I was doing nite shift. So doing 2 nite shifts already then this morning I still asked for OT. I wanted to go for Rain's concert but you know lah, good posts are snatched by ppl long time ago. That's why I was saying, good things where will have my fair share. Only those lousy and unwanted things then will push to me. Sunday, nobody wants to do OT at STC. There you cannot sit, need to stand throughout. Fortunate for me, the manager was a nice guy.

Today after I knocked off, I went to City Hall and had my breakfast at Burger King. Then I went to HMV to take a look any any new CDs on sale. It has been a long time since I went out like that. I'm not saying that momo is a burden to me. Oh no, momo is never a burden to me. She was still awake when I came home. My mum bought for her some new clothes again. Oh my, momo is sure being spolit like that. Gonna put a stop to it. My mum says she will leave the clothes till CNY for her to wear. Will take pics of them the next time round.

I wanted to go to Pacific Coffee for some nice aroma strong coffee. I need to stay awake for my OT mah. Initially I was told to just standby, just in case anyone didn't turn up or late. But I know in my heart sure I'll be deployed out. CISCO officers standard I know long time ago. But if I really didn't deployed out, they will pay me the standby allowance and additional $20.

Now is already 2325hrs. I better make it fast and go to bed. Tomorrow sect 1 leh... I hasn't been resting since last nite.

Okay where did I stop? Oh yes, I went to the Marina Square Pacific Coffee but it was still closed. So I went to City link the TCC.

Just 2 years ago it was still Pacific Coffee. I will always remember that place... Cos' it was where I first meet with my g/f. I still remember what she was wearing on our first date. White spaghetti strip, black kneel skirt and.... sanders. Her foot was sprained, if I remember clearly it should be her left foot. Her shoulders are sun burnt, still got the marks there. I was teasing her that time. I bet she doesn't remember what I was wearing that time.... Anyway, all I can was just keep those sweet memories. I know damn well, I won't be together with her anymore. It's time to let her move on and myself to live my own life. I just hope that, if I ever married, my future wife won't be those petty and crazy ones. Those who are so good in acting and gaining sympathy.

TCC isn't selling those coffee I was looking for. So I moved on and I went to the Market Place at Raffles City. I saw Gloria Jean's Coffee.

I told the barista that I want something strong.

"Black coffee"

Black coffee with 2 packets of sugar.

Gloria Jean's Coffee... Taken at Market Place.

It helps. At least I didn't fall asleep during my OT. I got a hard time telling all those smokers who try to entered the outlet with their cigarettes. They want to smoke, by all means, outside. If they want to enter inside the STC premises, they need to finish their puff before entering.

End of the day, I got 8 hours of OT.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh no, yesterday was momo's 7th month old. It was also my first pen-pal, Petja's birthday, from Bulgaria. 26 yrs old this year. I think she will never read this cos' I dun think she knows about this blog existance. Nevertheless I still wish her a happy 26th birthday.

Tomorrow Rain will be coming to Singapore Indoor Stadium... Yeah!!!

But I won't be doing OT for his concert. Cos' all fully booked.. I mean, no lobang for me to go. Instead I'll be doing another place for OT. Guess where?

So sad... I thought able to see him from the stage below. Heard he is very good in hip hop dancing. What a disappointment that I couldn't see him... for free. Never mind since it's not my luck.

The next concert will be S.H.E. Too bad that day I was working... So can't make it also... What to do leh.. Work is more important mah... All these OT at the concerts are still OT, not my area of work.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Today the sun is so scorching hot. The last few days was raining constantly. I still remember clearly on my last afternoon shift. I was waiting for my transport to fetch us. When I board the van the sun was still shinning. It drove us to buy food at the nearby market.

When I alights the van, it was raining. No wonder people says the weather is so unpredictable. The journey wasn't that long mah. It was just from Paya Lebar to Eunos market. Not far, right? Just the 5 mins, the weather changed.

Anyone out there knows that now among the malay stalls, there got this new chicken rice called nasi ayam penyet. Penyet in malay means smashed. Can imagine the chicken was being smashed can then end up in your plate. I supposed the original comes from the kampong where the chicken run around freely... then got one noti chicken runs away from its abang adik and ganna run over by the truck. Haha.. Corny joke.

Time for some guessing game.

Can anyone guess what this stack is?

Dun cheat hor.....

Scroll down for the answer... Dun be surprised by the answer....

These are all the credit cards that was under my name... Why I didn't say are mine cos' some in fact wasn't mine... All are my name but what I want to emphasise here is some cards are applied without my fucking knowledge. I got no GODDAMN idea since when it was applied and since when it was sent to my home. No bills I know of and no fucking idea that they are being swiped like no one fucking business in Malaysia and in this fucking Singapore.

Don't tell me to make police report cos' no use... The police oso dun and can't do anything about it. Who is the culprit? Dun need me to tell you, right?

These are with supplementary cards. I think the CEO or the COO or the MD.. or even your company's Director oso need to bow to my respect cos' I got more credit cards than them... In future whoever needs to go any pubs or restaurants do remember to borrow my cards. Cos' I can get for you what 10% off total bill or 15% rebate on your next visit.

I remember there is a joke...

A man discovered that his wallet is being stolen. He didn't bother to cancel his cards away.

Cos' he find out that the thief is using less than his wife....

Next month my pen-pal is coming to Singapore. He wasn't here to visit me specially I supposed cos' he do have some family members staying here. The last time he came, I didn't really have a time to meet him. I only send him off at the airport. This time he comes, I'll want him to meet my little momo. Bring him to my home and maybe take him out for dinner. A true friend doesen't mind where you take him to dine or to which posh restaurant. It is the friendship that counts. I'll tell him my situation now and I see what is his reaction. From there, you can judge if this person is your true friend.

When you're well being, everyone will crowd around you.

When you're down, everyone runs away. The only person who still stand by with you is the one that when you're well being, you doesn't take a second look at.

She just taken her porridge. See the napkin on the right. That time I was about to go to work when I spotted her...

Wow... She looks so astonished. Of cos' lah, this pic is taken with the lights switched off. My bro wanted to show me how good his Sony Ericsson camera phone is, can take pics so clearly even in total darkness. Her eyes are so large.. I like them...

Can see the diff between these 2 pics? This pic was taken with the lights on... She is wearing the new top my mum bought for her... Recently my mum keep on buying new clothes for her. I told her better spoilt momo loh... Can see the two toys on the walker? My mum bought for her to bite too.

*Scratch* Why you keep on talking about me leh...

See? How dirty she look after her porridge session? I purposely snap a pic of her to show her when she grows up. I didn't deliberately "plant" those rice bits there... She was eating and then she sneeze. After which it becomes like that...

I didn't know that someone else is also reading my blog. Someone from Malaysia. I read about her blog too. She seems so happy in her hometown. I was wondering if she is affected by the rain/flood too?

Why it keeps on raining so much recently? Cos' Rain from Korea is coming to Singapore. 2 more days to go. Yeah.... Anyone going to his concert? As for me.... me ah.. you ask me ah... asking me ah... hehe...

Lastt week I just did a photo album for momo. I print out those pics that I took for her with my hp... Select those that are presentable and put them in a photo album for house visitors during the CNY or any occasions. Not so clearly though. Mine Nokia 6280 is only 2M pixels, unlike those digital camera that are 7 or 8M pixels. But I'm sure momo won't mind cos' all are her cute pics...

So pls faster come to my house lah... Those who promised me will drop by and play with momo.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I managed to be able to locate where I saved momo's video which I took of her eating ice cream... So glutton little girl. Well, I just hope she won't grow up to be a fat litle girl... Babys are cute when they're fat, but not when they grow up. Only demons like to eat fat children. Or maybe the Boogeyman loves fat children.

Boogeyman is actually a legendary figure which in US, those parents used to scare their naughty children to make them sleep early cos' they've not been doing so. The desperate parents after trying various ways, even resorted to reading them bed time stories... Still unable to tuck them to bed, so the last resort is to scare them.. Boogeyman, they said that if late at night and the Boogeyman will comes out from the closet and find any children who is still up, then he will grab them and drag them into the closet.

Well, it's up to individual to take the legendary figure to be fiction or real. But what I'm going to tell you is if my momo is still up late at night then his papa will come and grab him to spank her little butt. Maybe till then her butt isn't small anymore.

I tell you, momo is so noti. Last nite she was crying and wanted to attract our attention. No one is free to play with her and she was like crying and then looking around with her big eyes. No tears flow from her eyes, just pretending to cry hoping someone will carry her. I doesn't want to bother about her crying but for a while I just can't bear to see her rolling on my bed and I just lift her up into my arms and take her.

Can you see how much she loves ice cream... She just had her share of cereal, mind you...

Okay, I have decided that I had enough of this little princess... Throwing her bloster around and wetting her diapers, eyeing my ice cream when she already had her share, refusing to drink her milk, putting everything and anything she saw into her mouth, tearing up my newspapers, pulling my hair whenever I try to kiss her, scratching my face with her nails... Enough is enough... Tonite I'm going to teach her a lesson. Niak... Niak....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Greedy momo...

My mum just feed her with her share of cereal. She simply just like to eat porridge. She can eat a whole bowl of it. But she dislike to drink her milk. You know, for infants they need to drink their milk to grow. All those porridge is not a nutritious and formula and milk. But she just doesn't like to drink milk. I sometimes has to resort adding some ice cream to her milk in order to make her finish all her milk. Now she can finish 9 ounces of milk. In fact, it's not the correct amount she should be taking for she is almost 7 months old. The other time my mum and I took her to the pediatrician, she commented that her BMI (BMI sia!!).. her weight and height doesn't really tally. According to her height (or length) she should be heavier. But based to the fact she doesn't like to drink milk, how is she going to grow? So I got no other alternatives but to make her milk more tastier. I didn't con her into drinking her milk, I just add some favours to it. Anyway, even if I really did con her into drinking her milk, it's for her own good. Which papa will harm their own kids leh?

Is it you who raise your hands? I didn't hor, you dun anyhow say say okie... I ka cha you then you know...

It was taken after I feed her with some ice cream. You know, I was sitting at the massage chair in the living room and she, sitting in her walker, comes right in front of me with eyes fixing at my bowl of ice cream. I tell her to go and play with her toys but she doesn't want to. So I gave her a small spoonful of ice cream, the spoon my mum used to feed her. But she is so greedy, she wants more and more. So basically it was like I take one spoon, she oso take one spoon. The only diff is mine is a big spoon, her is a small spoon.

See how dirty her mouth is?

My mum bought for little princess some dresses... I nag at my mum to buy for her some decent dress cos' I doesn't want her to always dress up in pants. Baby gals should be wearing more of dresses and skirts. Moreover mine is not a ordinary baby gal, she is my little princess. Doesn't matter if it only cost a few dollars.

Actually this dress comes with a pants. But the pants is so long, so I guess she can't be wearing it for the time being...

My mum is holding her and I snap her pic.

This dress is so cute.. With a sunshine at the front and at the two pockets.

Gee... Why she looks so fierce leh... As though like want to fight like that...

After I snap her these two pics, I come to a conclusion... So sad, how sad, really sad... My little momo looks nicer in pants...

How could it be? A baby gal doesn't look nice is dresses!?!? Maybe it was the reason she was with little hair. I doesn't want her to be a tomboy. If she is feminine looking but likes to dress in pants, it's okay. There are many pretty gals who just like army wear and loves to wear army boots. This I dun mind too.

But I just pray hard that she won't be a butch. Must make her keep long hair when she grows up. Cut her hair and I beat her little pat pat. Beat till it becomes red... Piak piak..

Damn the bloody laptop.. Always can't blog here. Can watch porno, can type, can check e-mails can do this can do that but only cannot blog. Who wants it, I give it to you... Free of charge, plus I send to your home some more. No additional charge. By post or hand delivery oso no problem. Once my PC is okay, I will dump this lousy laptop away, just like those trash that used to be in my home. Can anyone understand how I feel? Those angers... all bottomed up in my heart... Want to vent out but can't just find any outlets. Maybe I go and beat up some kind souls, pour some really cold water at them, spit my mouthful of germs at his face, throw and break anything I can possibly lay my hands on, while he is driving just throw a punch at his face and I know damn well that person won't retaliate back. Cos' if he did, then that will be the last time he saw me. You know, dun see me anymore is okay.. but I'll also be gone with the Vitamin "M" I obtained. Ha! So in any other words, you're screwed if you dare to mess around with me. I got nothing to lose anyway cos' someone is waiting for me to go back. The doors are always open for me, just that I dun want to go back only mah... You know just like you see in those What Chinese drama movies whereby those ruthless emperors who suka suka like to traumatise his loyal subjects.

"Thy want thee to die, thee shall die."

But now, I can tell you go and fuck spider lah.... I had enough, and that's more than enough already.

Fuck fear, drink beer....

This clip is the famous cuppycake song. The little girl is so cute...

I didn't go for the Eric Clapton concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Instead I went for the ASEAN Football Tournament at the National Stadium. In the past was the Tiger Cup. But the Tiger dunno go where pak tor with the Tigress so no more Tiger Cup liao...

Last Sat was the matches, 2 match in a single day. The first match was Laos vs Indonesia. Indo scored 3, Laos scored 1. The first match not much supporters. The match starts at 5:30pm but we are there at 2pm. Dunno why must go there so early for what. Stand down there doing nothing.

This time round I didn't need to buy the expensive food from the stalls there. God damn the nasi lemak, so little and yet so expensive. The Pepsi even more ridiculous leh... The cup is so small and full of ice. Not only that, the Pepsi is so diluted. Tasteless, just a little taste only to be precise. All only want to make money.

The 2nd match is Singapore vs the Vietnam. I didn't know there are so many Vietnamese in Singapore. Red with a yellow star at the centre, the flag... The scores were 0-0. No one scores any goal. The Vietnamese are taller than the Laos. Basically when the Indonesians or be it the Laotian (is it the correct spelling?) or the Vietnamese, all looks the same. Can't really differentiate who is who. Singapore Lions are easy to tell. You know why? Cos' you can find there are with curly hair and blonde hair in the Singapore team. I think in ASEAN countries, Singapore is the only team that has such distinctions.

The 10 hour OT is really hard to earn. From 1pm till 10 pm. How come it's 10 hour OT when any idiot counts that it is only 9 hours. Cos' we left the stadium is after 10:15 pm. In CISCO, once the timing is past 15 min, it will be counted and an extra hour. So tentatively it is from 1pm till 11pm.

On Friday I was working nite shift. I knocked off at 8am, reached Paya Lebar Division about 8:50am. Returned arms then I went to City Hall for breakfast. I didn't go back home cos' I need to report back at 1pm. Not enuf time for me to go home and I dun want to sleep at the locker room. I'm afraid that I might over-slept. So I went to Capitol Building, Long John's Silver to have my breakfast, then I went to the cybercafe to blog. If not how am I going to spend my time? Sleep is too short and wandering like a homeless ghost is too long for me. Esp. the time is so early and not much shops are opened for business.

I was so tired when I was at the National Stadium. I can even fall asleep while standing.. You can imagine that I was standing and then the next instance I almost fall faced front. Those who went for BMT will know what am I talking about. Sleep and road march at the same time. Walking and sleeping, just follow the men at the front. And then you was asking yourself how come you end up at this place without yourself knowing how you managed to walk this far with your eyes closed.

I forced myself to walk here and there to keep myself awake. When the first match was starting, then I watch the match and my sleepiness slowly went away... By the 2nd match, I was fresh already. Simply due to the fact that the tiredness was overcome by the "not able to sleep" mind and body.

I remember I did upload at youtube a video clip of little momo eating ice cream... But how come I can't locate it...

I try to upload it again. Hopefully I can take more video clips of her cute little actions. Now my little princess can crawl a bit. Need to inspire her a bit. Maybe lure her with her fav toy at the front or...

Oh yes, I think momo is going to grow teeth cos' she has been shitting in her diapers few times in a day recently. Symptoms that her teeth are about to protrude out.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bought some cakes again... I went to the confectionery at the Jurong West Central. Not the one 5XX, but the one 9XX. Near to the City Harvest Church. Earlier on, I went to see a doctor. My feet have been so itchy and it persisted for almost 4 months now. I tried to put medicated powder, change my socks more often but no use leh... It just getting worse and more itchy. Athlete foot or Hong Kong foot, I supposed. Nevertheless I went to see a doctor just somewhere below. CISCO panel doctor, so I just need to pay $5. Got the AVIVA card mah... We called it Dr AVIVA.

I think this is a mango cake... Not sure what was it called.

Should be raspberry cake lah hor... This pic was taken from my old pic somewhere last year. That time the cakes are still simple-looking.

Now they come out with some little decorations at the top.

Simple looking cake last year leh....

Now you see? Just add some fruits on top and guess what? It was selling at $4 per piece. Total I bought 3 pieces and it cost me $12. Without the fruits it was only selling at $2 per piece. Thanks ah, just a few pieces of fruit and the price goes up by 100%

Today is 13th the Sat, luckily not Fri the 13th... But to me Fri or 13th is still the same. Later I will be doing OT. Tonite Eric Clapton will be performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Initially I wanted to do that assignment but too bad I didn't in the end. Instead I was doing OT at another place. Now whenever got OT I'll grab.

Anyone likes Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton? Can't imagine he was like in the singing business for... 40 years? Wow...

As usual, I took some pics of my little princess. Still the same, so noti and cute.

This pic my mum was scolding me for making her so sexy, revealing her shoulders.

"Ha! So this who (yes, you... dun look around I'm talking about you.. The one who just bought her love nest last month) Dun think only you know how to show off your nice shoulders, me momo oso can okay? Dun see me small girl girl...Aaaa yak..."

She looks a bit like a mannequin in this pic hor.. Her hair... Well, it was bcos' she just took a bath and her hair was all nicely wetted at her scalp.

You know, whenever my mum wants to bring her bathing, she will remove all her clothes and left her birthday suit. Then she will hand carry momo to the bath-room, showing her small butt to everyone. I always tell my momo not to "indecent exposure" her butt. At least let her put on a top or wrap her with a towel. Frankly speaking, momo is so cute in her birthday suit. She will laugh whenever you bring her for a bath. She enjoys playing with water. Soon when she is old enuf to sit by herself, I will take her to the swimming pool to soak her little torso.

Guess what? I got quite a number of friends whose birthdate is on the 19th. Mine is on the 19th Dec, together with Jessyn 19th dec, Zen 19th Dec, Francoise 19th Dec. Momo's birthday in on the 19th June, my very first pen-pal Petja's birthday is on the 19th Jan. If I'm not mistaken there should be a few more whose birthday in associated with 19th.

I feed momo with some cakes.. She is such a glutton... Anything she oso want. You know, she just had her share of cereal leh... The last time in Sept, she was still small, still unable to eat cake. Now she has grown older a bit, can eat more solid food.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I reached home after my night shift and I went into the room, as usual, to plant a fatigue kiss on her little smooth face. Guess what, she was sleeping soundly, so soundly that she left her tu-tu dangling at her mouth. I took out my phone and snap some pics lah... Such nice memorable moments is hard to capture. Macham like Kodak advertisements hor...

My mum was scolding me why am I disturbing her sleep...

"What is she wakes up, then how? You take care of her hor... So hard to coax her sleep and yet you come and disturb her..."

Yeah, it's true that we got a hard time to coax her to sleep... Many of a times we just put her in her sarong, rocking her to sleep. She did fall asleep, but she will wake up after a short period of time. Some times she will emerge smiling at you, some times she will cry. Cry means she still had not enough sleep or she wants to pee. Luckily, when I snap her pics, she didn't wake up. Some ppl says it's best not to snap a person's pics when the person is sleeping. What the soul leaves the body and if you snap pics, the soul will ganna scared and won't come back to the body. Well, I do believe the soul did indeed leave the body, but as to the part whereby the soul ganna scared and will not come back... Hmm

What do you all think? Do you believe in that?

Hard to imagine this baby can sleep with something in her mouth... Do you know that her little pink pillow is soak with her saliva and... it stinks? But she like the smell woh...

Closed up snap... You know what, when I pulled out the pacifier it got a "pook" sound and her mouth was like sucking and tasting it still.

Quite some time I couldn't blog... Now I come to a conclusion that the fault lies with the laptop. Why? When I used other PCs it okay, I can load this page pretty fast. I really can't understand the rational behind. Can someone pls tell me?

So I shall summerise the past one week what I've done.

Last Sat, I wanted to go for the concert for Eason Chan. I dun like him at all but for the sake of money... Well, I didn't go for his concert. Instead I went to do OT at Singapore Turf Club, STC. I have never been to any turf clubs before. To date, I went to 2 STCs, one is at the Rangoon STC and the latest one is the Stadium STC. Rangoon STC is the one situated beside the Little India LRT station. For those who like to bet horses or buy 4D or Toto or simply lives near there, it's no stranger to you. 3 floors high... Stadium STC, is just below National Stadium loh... Quite large the area. Both OT are so boring. So many gamblers patronise there. I saw so many aunties and uncles, all paying $3 entrance fee. Good thing is that no smoking is allowed at the compound, other than at the designated smoking room. I makes me wonder is it a Chinese generation heritage that ppl will want to throw their money betting when they know that most of the time they will end up losing more than the chances they gonna win. I see the horses' bets. You place $5, for example, if you win you only win $2 but if you lose you lose $5. So the thing is you are basically losing your money. Someone ever said to me, you buy you sure will lose; you dun buy you sure be poor. If that's the case, then why ppl still want to waste $3 entrance fee and much more money betting on something that the probability of you winning is so less. I see at the counters, the minimum bet is at least $100. Before going STC, I didn't know that there are horses racing in Perth, KL, Perak too. Not much ppl want to bet for horses racing held in Perth though.

Now is already 9 days past year 2007, things doesn't seems to be improving for me. Maybe I didn't make my New Year resolution or maybe I've been a bad boy for the past year so luck isn't on my side. Now I babysit my own princess, I did housework for my mom. Mop the floor, wash the toilet, clean the house. You know what, it seems that my mom doesn't believe me that I can clean the toilet so clean as I claimed I can. She thought that I hardly clean up my own room so she assume that I would be a lazy bum. She as wrong, man. During my training days, I will clean up my own barrack so clean that even the instructor, walk past my barrack will just take a quick look inside and goes off saying that how good if all the other barracks will be as clean as ours. I got my own way to make the rest of my squadmates to clean up efficiently. The only way is not to order them to do this do that and you yourself sitting down there. I would wake up earlier than them and clean up first. They saw me cleaning up and they will feel paiseh so naturally they will also do their part. Or whatever you want them to do, you outta do it first. So the next time you tell them to do, they will do cos' if they dun do I'll do for them. So they dun want to see me doing for them, they do it willingly.

It reminds me how I looks like when I was washing the toilet bowl in my home.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My mum went out early in the morning, leaving me alone with little momo playing. Now she can turn 360 when she is lying on her tummy. And also I think she can crawl a bit forward leh... Cos' when I put her in my bed, now she was at this place, just a few seconds she "moved" to the front liao... So I assumed she can crawl a bit.

When my mum comes back, she bought for momo some handkerchiefs and tops. So cute....

Doraemon handkerchief...

The pic printed on the handkerchief is so similiar to the pic below... hehe... No ,my momo isn't a monkey.

Chip and Dale... I used to watch them on TV when i was like in pri school.

Heroppi the Frog...

Can you imagine this T-shirt costs only about $3?

Too Too train...

Ahh... for sure ppl won't mistaken my momo to be a boy anymore if she is wearing this T-shirt...

Blogger is so damn slow... I need to wait for so long before this page is uploaded. Shit...
Lately got not much mood to blog cos' of all the unsettled problems I got here. I was left behind cleaning all the shit someone left behind for me, God knows when will be the time I be able to get out of this shithole.
I got some friends telling me to write it in my blog, while some others advise me not to. Not bcos' of corwardice or what, cos' it also means that in future momo will be able to read what was written in here. What will she think when she come across these posts? I love my daughter so I shouldn't expose her to any harm or things that will make her hurt. Whatever it is, I think for my momo first.
I believe in retribution, I believe in God.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

These T-shirts mean a lot to me... Why? Cos' they are memorable to me... I just eleborate a bit here...

This HRC T-shirt is actually from my g/f who went to Orlando with her boss in 2004. That time before she went there for about business, I just casually mention to her that I would like to have a HRC T-shirt. And she really bought me one... The best thing is at that point of time, we aren't together yet. So touching of her to remember what I told her, I didn't nag and nag at her leh.. Just one time and she really got for me. I will forever remember that time we are supposed to go for a movies.. She came late... I waited for her at West Mall. She appeared in front of holding a HRC carrier. Later then I know that actually she went back home halfway to get this T-shirt cos' when she left home, she forgets to take it with her. The movie we watched together: First 50 dates starring Dew Barrymore. She was wearing a white T-shirt and shorts. The same T-shirt I do have it too. She got a extra one so she gave it to me. It was in the washing so I couldn't snap a pic of it.

The front

The back
This T-shirt was a gift from my g/f too. That time she was showing me her collections of T-shirt and she took out from her closet. I dun remember whether is she offered to me or I request from her to give it to me. The only regret is I didn't even wear it and yet someone has already wore it a few times. Shit!!

This sleveless Tee was we bought it at Tampines Mall. That time the Fox is having a sale and we were trying out many clothes there. In fact, this white red one was supposed for her but I said I wanted it so we exchanged. She too has one, but of different colour. Cos' she is tall, so it looks nice on her too. In fact, when we looked into the mirror, she looks better than me.

This selveless Tee, I dun really remember if she got another of such a design or not. Most likely she doesn't... This Tee till now I still haven't wore it. It makes me look so tanned when I look myelf in the mirror.

See, so we did have some lovers' attire but we never has the chance to wear it going out on the streets.

I really hope that I'll never have any of my friends who follow my footsteps. Love doesn't come cheap, love doesn't come easy. Dun be fooled by someone who claims that they love you and you end up forsake the one that you are with. Just remember, there is no such thing as easy success in this life. Everything you need to work hard for it. Things that comes easy will also go easy. No pain, no gain.

Just like you go to the market at 10 am, do you think the fish will still be fresh? Or you walk on the streets and someone comes up to you wanted to sell you his heiroom? You really think such good deals got your fair share? Of so many ppl in Singapore and he tells you that you and him got fate so both of you can meet at this dunno where dunno how place?

Last but not least, I sincerely hope all the best for those who are going to get married or those who comes a long way with their b/fs or g/fs. Do cherish those who in front of you. Like our teachers who always tell us, dun accept gifts from strangers. You want it, earn it yourself. And when you earned it, do cherish it.