Monday, December 11, 2006

Sat I was doing OT at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Sandy Lam's concert. I wasn't a fan of her but anyway since I was there during her concert so I just upload a few of her pics taken during her concert. I didn't take any of the pics myself, I uploaded them from her fan club. Only 8 of us were deployed there. We were there since 6:30pm till 11:30pm. I didn't know she got so many fans in Singapore leh... but compared to the Emil Chow's concert on the 2nd Dec, still short of a little bit. Anyway, almost all the seats are occupied in the case of Sandy Lam's concert. Well, Emil Chow's concert, all the seats are occupied. Dun compared artists like that. Each has their own influence and fans.

The face of Sandy Lam is printed on the T-shirt.

The theme of that nite's concert.

Pretty or not? Well, it's up to individual loh... But as far as I noticed, everyone on the stage with make-up are all pretty under the limelight

That silver coloured statue is a real person leh...

See the two female dancers beside her.. I tell you, they're not only great dancers but pretty too

That is where I was standing when the concert starts. Just beside Sandy Lam.. Hehe, so I say lah, doing OT at concerts has this advantage. Dun need to pay a single cent. Ha ha... The most expensive is $148 while the cheapest is $68.

List of songs she sang :
01. 傾斜
02. 燒
03. 我坐在這裡
04. 鏗鏘玫瑰
05. 夜太黑
06. 存在
07. Better Man
08. 愛上一個不回家的人
09. 遠走高飛
10. 鷹與星
11. 再生戀
12. 為你我受冷風
13. 不必在乎我是誰
14. 至少還有你
15. 傷痕
16. It Wasn’t Meant To Be
17. 相信
18. 玫瑰香
Diva Medley:
19. Diva2
0. 不還你
21. 天大地大
22. 一分鐘都市一分鐘戀愛
23. 一個人
24. 灰色
25. 破曉
26. 聽說愛情回來過
27. 紙飛機
28. 心野夜
English Medley:
29. I Swear
30. Are You Ready For Love
31. And So It Goes
32. Almost Over You
When she was singing the Diva Medley, I was already outside the Stadium ready for the crowd to exit. Standby at my position awaiting for the cars/pedestrians to come out. I tell you leh, you might not believe me Chen Han Wei stop in front of me and asking for directions. I didn't see who is the girl beside her. He was driving a Nissan March, brown colour one.

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