Friday, December 15, 2006

Noti Momo is going to be 6 months old in just a few more days.... 19th Dec is her 6th month old and also my birthday.... Okay lah, now you know already so you should know what to do lah... Simple simple will do lah... Just joking lah, I now where got extra money to celebrate woh... Maybe just buy a cheap cake, blow the candles and cut the cake. One for me and one for my little princess. You saw in the papers government will be increasing the private sector for the annual bonus and all government sector will be getting 2.2 month bonus. No matter how many months of bonus I be getting also not enough for me to pay for my credit cards. Say, if I earn 2k a month, unless CISCO give me, like, 100 month bonus then maybe it's enough loh.... Like real leh... FCUK lah.

Lately got no lobang for OT leh... So just go home after work and play with my baby. You know, today I asked her to give me a kiss and she really did leh... She pulled my hair towards her and licked my face. Yucks, got saliva plus some cereal. When my mum asked her to kiss her, she also did the same. So I guess anyone who ask her to kiss them, she will also do the same thing...

Papa I got a tooth growing inside my mouth... I think it's time now for her teeth to grow out loh. You know her fingers are so strong. She can scratch you and scratch herself.

The nail clipper I bought for her. So cute leh... So tiring to cut her nails cos' she keeps on moving and struggling. You hold onto her hands too long, she will cry.

This pic Momo is more fairer then the pic below... The lightings loh... Now her jumpers are too short to be button at the bottom liao... My mum just let her wear as a top. Not to worry, tomorrow I'll get some new ones for her. I want to buy more dresses for her to wear. I eat lesser never mind, as long as my momo got clothes to wear and food to eat...

That cute looking bottom is for wraping clothes diapers.

The 2 pics are taken just a few minutes diff. Why? Cos' just after I took the above pic, she pee out. So I change her diapers and snap another one as well.

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