Sunday, December 17, 2006

Little princess is up to some naughty stuffs again. I caught her at the balcony one day. I didn't know why she ended up there. Can you see from the pic that her legs are so long that even when I adjusted the walker seat to the maximum and still there is room for her to bend her legs. Furthermore she isn't like one year old or two. She is just 6 months old. She likes her Piyo Piyo toy very much. Gotta let her hold it whenever my mum is feeding her with porriage or cereal. Later then I find out why she is out at the balcony. Cos' my father is mending his shoes and little princess need to see people around then she won't cry. So my father put her there loh.

Piyo piyo, do you know how much I like you? How come you eat and eat but still so flat one.

Come, I tell you some secrets about my papa....

I dun understand why babies all like to eat their fingers leh? What is so tasty about sucking fingers... Can you see she got 2 teeth in her mouth? Well, that isn't her teeth, just the reflection from my phone's flash.

Actually she is watching the TV programmes. Till now I still dun know what programmes she likes to watch? Failure hor...

Do we look alike? She was struggling when I took her pics in my arms. Luckily the effects out is still good.
I went to take my annual IPPT. I didn't even trained up for it. I hardly got the chance to go for a run downstairs. I just went for the sake of attending. You know, now bonus is coming so we need to clear all our compulsory tests; shooting test, IPPT, In-service, PR-24.... in order to get our bonus intect. If not, bonus ganna deducted.
Still I went for all the 5 stations and still fare well. Most probably I just obtain a pass loh. Better than nothing mah. I expected to fail one leh, cos' I didn't trained up mah. Fail is okay leh, at least you attend. Some ppl dun even turn up. Of cos' for both cases you still fail but for the former case, your attendance is taken so you got one hour OT to claim and your effort to turn up will earn some points. I mean at least you turn up and take your annual IPPT, so no matter what still better than you absent.

I wanted to snap some picss around PA but dunno if I ganna caught or not leh. Now it was known at the Old Police Academy. I wanted to go up to my old barracks which I stayed during my basic training days in 1998... Wow, dun say oso dun realised it had been 8 years old now. Training days was fun. All bathe together, you see mine and i see yours. All eat together in the PA Mess. At night all polish shoes, sitting and chatting together. Such fun not everyone will experience.

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