Thursday, December 07, 2006

Have you notice some additional at the left of this blog? Yeah, a list of my little princess' videos... Descending order... At least you dun need to search for whatever videos you might want to view in Youtube. Takes some time for me to organise them up. This sat I'm doing OT again... Wanna know where I'll be? For all the Sandy Lam fans out there... Singapore Indoor Stadium!!!! Next month Eric Clapton and Rain will be coming to Singapore Indoor Stadium for their concert too. Stay tuned... If anyone happens to be there, and happens to see me, do remember to call out to me okay? Just call out will do, dun throw whatever in your hands to my direction. I shoot you I not responsible hor....

Last Sun I did OT at Suntec City.... Dun always demand to see pics lah... I told you many times liao during my OT I can't take any pics. So early man, start at 7:00am hrs, end at 12:30 pm. So early do what kind of OT leh, some more it's on Sun. Oh, it's PAP voting loh.... I saw many PAP members coming, including the MPs of my place. The whole assisgment is fun. I mean doing OT is fun lah... Can see many people. Last Sat got this Singapore Marathon oso at Suntec area. I wanted to do but cannot leh.. It is not that I got money I dun want to earn but those kind of assisgment is very hard to earn. It starts at about Sat 11pm till the next day afternoon. More than 15 hours leh... I one time ganna the Thipusam Fire-Walking I had enough liao... I still remember that day I worked morning shift... Then I go back to Paya Lebar to rest a while and then go again. I was deployed at Clemenceau, somewhere near to the Istana Park. I tell you hor, my back nearly want to break from standing the whole nite. I simply just went to hide in the Istana Park to rest. So tiring man. Some more the next day is my afternoon shift. I stand-down at about 7am. And my afternoon shift starts at 3pm. Still got to include the travelling time leh.. So:

I work morning from 8am till 3pm, then go for Fire walking from 6pm till 7am, reached home about 9am, sleep for a while then leave my home at about 12 pm, work afternoon shift from 3pm till 10 pm.

Hard earned money, I tell you leh...

I like to share with my fella bloggers this song from Andy Lau... Very nice song... It really portraits out my feelings right now.

Andy Lau - 你是我的女人

郑伊健 - 直至消失天与地

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