Thursday, December 21, 2006

Been a few days since I didn't managed to blog cos' dunno why sometimes I just can't seems to load this page. Today can upload this page so I faster seize this chance to upload all the pics I took during these few days. Btw, I still haven't had my dinner yet cos' my mum is feeding little momo porridge. While waiting, so I might as well blog a bit here.

These few days it had been raining non-stop. I'm sure many of us our clothes didn't get the chance to suntan outside. Momo diapers can't get dry and we got no choice but to let her wear the disposable drypers. Her butt is still so small and smooth to touch. I simply can't resist the temptation to pinch them whenever I change her drypers. Not that my papa is perverted but my small butt is damn seducing. Firm yet tender to touch.

Have you read in the papers in M'sia there are flood at Johor Muar to (dunno where). Really rain and rain hor. Pity those who ride motorcycles. My colleagues were wet from head till toe. They said even when they don the rain coat, they still get wet on the inside. Cos' the rain too garang liao.

Yesterday so hard to see the sun... I was going home after my night shift the day before, when I was walking towards my block, I saw so many clothes hanging outside the flats. Finally, my baby clothes will get dry...

I was rocking momo to sleep when she doesn't want to sleep. Instead she was looking so sheepishly at me so I stare back at her. Then I decided to reach out for my mobil phone, snap a pic of her...

Look at that pair of eyes... This is the first time i snap the pic of her in the sarong with her eyes open.

I was chatting with my new friend in MSN when I notice her bumping around inside my room. Staying in Jurong area too... Just normal chats, nothing much. Just curious, just bored, just want to find new friends.

I dunno whether is she angry for me leaving her alone to play by herself or she is showing off to me how strong are her arms. Pics show you a thousand words, but video will convince you more.

Didn't bluff you, right? I dun bluff my friends, what I tell is always the truth, not only to my friends in real life and also to virtual friends online.

It was my birthday and also momo 6th month old. I dun yearn for a feast nor a wild nite downtown. Anyway, I don't deserved such a treatment. Now all I want is my daughter leading a happy life. Day by day she is getting smarter and smarter.

My mum bathe her, awaiting for the rain to stop cos' we are going to take her to the polyclinic for her jab. It has been a couple of months since she last went for her free jab.

It was raining outside; papa is chatting with dunno which gal, grandpa is outside watching SCV, grandma is busy with her own chores, uncle leh chatting with his wife-to-be. I so bored sleeping in bed. All in blue, but I'm one cute little lass. Everytime make me wear blue, no wonder ppl always mistaken me to be a boy. You think papa will stop chatting and pay attention to me if I were to pee in his bed now? But alas, just now when grandma bathe me, I already wet my diapers. Now I got no more urine. So how? How about if I pooed?

Will someone please play with me? I promised I won't scratch or pull his/her hair.

Papa just carried me and he put me down again. I like the feeling when papa carry me in his arms.

The rain has stopped and my mum urged me to get my ass off the chair and take momo to the polyclinic. I was also thinking better get it done, once and for all. I mean dun drag anymore, cos' I know momo has missed a couple of jabs by now.

We took a cab to Jurong East Polyclinic. My mum doesn't want to put her in a sling nor in the baby pram. Hand-carry her, she said. It won't be long, she added. Once done, we will come back home. In the taxi, I was teasing little momo that the doc will jab her in the butt. I dunno if she understands me but for the sake of poking fun at her, doesn't matter lah. I was telling my mum that after it was done, I want to go and get a cake cos' it was my birthday today and as well as momo 6th month old.

She told me not to get any cakes cos' it is raining outside now. I told her it doesn't matter cos' it's my birthday and momo's 6th month old. Actually it was me who is greedy. I just want to get a small cake, celebrate it with momo and that's it.

We arrived at Jurong East Polyclinic and finds it all barricaded up. In my mind, I thought it was just normal construction works. *Nothing much* Who knows got a malay auntie approached me and asked if we're here to see a doc. My mum told me *yes* and she replied that the polyclinic is closed.

What the $#&k!!

We come all the way from home, take a cab some more and only to find it closed for renovation. And we even alighted from the cab and the cab has already went out of sight. So got no other choice but to wait for another cab.

No cab in sight. There are many cabs passing by but noone stop for us. My mum isn't sleeping but just that the timing is exactly when she blink her eyes.

Down there got a baby waving out to me... Can I go and play with her? Let me down, please? My name is Alexandria, what's yours?

We waited and waited... No cabs stop for me, so in the end I told my mum we might as well cross the road to the opposite side and hail the cab cos' it seems like our this side is down with luck.

True enough, the moment we reached the other side, one cab came and we board the cab... to Bukit Batok Polyclinic.

We got no appointment so it was considered a walk-in. We waited for the doctor to see us....

I registered at the counter and got a number at this room. Level 2... So off we go there. Outside the room we saw a malay couple with their daughter. Their daughter is only 3 months old and weighed 5.9 kg plus. Momo is 6 months old and only weighed 5.8kg. Damn... Yes, my momo might be smaller than other babies but she is stronger than most babies. When she kicks you, wow.... painful leh...

Soon it was our turn to see the nurse... She take a look at the baby booklet and ask us how come she (momo) didn't take her jabs for the DPT. In fact she missed 3 jabs for her DPT and polio. Actually we were there for her Hep B jab but the nurse says she need to take her 3 jabs for DPT and polio before she can take her 3rd Hep B jab. DPT stands for Diphtheria, Pertussis & Tetanus... Polio means Poliomyelitis.. So momo miss her 3rd, 4th and 5th month of these 2 jabs. She need to complete these 3 jabs first before taking the 3rd jab of Hap B. Furthermore the padiatrician needs to access her before the nurse can give her the 1st jab for DPT and Polio. So we need to see the padiatrician at the other room... She was a lovely lady doctor. She also asked me how come I can miss the appoinment supposed to be schedule in Sept, till Dec then I come with my daughter. I didn't know what to tell her. She said here is Singapore leh... Nevertheless, she ask my mum to put momo at the bed while she examine her.

"Wow, she is so strong" for she grab the doctor's scope and doesn't want to let go. The doctor got no choice but to let her have another toy to distract her.

The lady looks a bit like my g/f... Her features... It reminds me of her... The time we spent together for the past one year....

But now I got my momo liao, so what past is past... Now it's the present and future that what I should look forward to.

Then we went back to the nurse's place. She told my mum to sit down on the chair while she get the syringe. First she feed momo with a teaspoon of polio and then comes the jab of DPT at her right thigh.

Momo was crying earlier on. I wanted to take a pic of her crying and I ended up getting a scolding from... my mum. Actually her eyes are a bit wet from the crying earlier on. This pic can't really see clearly.

Big bad nurse jabs momo at the right thigh. Ouch... I didn't faint upon seeing syringes anymore. No, she was actually very nice to momo. At least momo just cried for a while...

Outside it was still raining. Luckily I brought along my umbrella. We waited at the Polyclinic for some time and still no cabs come in. Then I told my mum to wait under the shelter while i hail a cab from the roadside. I was carrying an umbrella and my hand was hooking the baby's bag, at the roadside waiting for any cabs. None stop by. All either on call or with passengers. I didn't expect this to happen....

One cab actually stops at the opposite side of the road calling out to me. I went in to shelter my mum and momo into the cab. Inside the cab, the taxi driver told me that just now he saw me waiting for cab at the roadside. At that point of time, he was with a passenger. He tells himself that after the passenger alights he will return back and see if I was still there or not. If I was still there, he would take me.

True enough, I was still there waiting for cab when he returns back. So he stop at the roadside and calls out to me. So hard to find such a good hearted person, esp when during times of need. Raining days... He saw me hooking a baby bag so definitely I got a baby at the polyclinic, he said. So all the way he didn't pick up any passengers until he return back to Bukit Batok Polyclinic. I didn't know where he drops his earlier passenger off but no matter what, he is so kind to do such a deed. He told me to take my time to board the cab cos' I was hurrying to get into the cab.

When we reached my block he once again tell me to take my time to keep my wallet after I paid him the fare.

"Down there I can wait for you, down here I can't wait for you ah"

I wanted to take his photo and his plate number and send to STOMP... He might win the best taxi driver but at least let others know about his existance. But I didn't leh... My mum was carrying momo and walking away for shelter. So I ended up didn't take his photo.

At home, I was taking a afternoon nap in my room. Momo was playing with her toes and trying to suck them. Ha! When I wake up, my mum told me that my bro had already bought a birthday cake for me and put it in the fridge. I can have it later on. My idea was just to get something small and not too expensive. But since my bro had already bought one for me, so be it loh...

I took 3 pieces of it... Hehe... I like to eat cakes...


Yesterday was my night shift... Today is my off day... When I got home, I saw momo at the living room playing with the bread loaf.

Ops, papa is back... I hide the bread first...

I want to make peanut butter for my papa... He must be hungry after work...

But hor, how to open the knot leh...

See how momo how she tries to tear open the bread wrapper...

Sob2.... I can't open up the wrapper... Papa must be so hungry and I so useless...

I promised you that I will take a video of her crying... and here it is.. It was just for 4s of her crying. You know, you can't expect me to take a video of her crying for like one minute.. That means I watch her cries for one minute and I just happy taking video...

Recently in the papers there is an article about a chinese man stabbing his chinese lover over 10 times. And someone, instead of calling the police or stopping the attacker, flims it and upload it at youtube. Damn solid ah...

At night, my mum and I went down to the pasar malam for a walk. Momo says want to follow us so we take her along with us.

I wanted to get for her more dresses and maybe some new baby clothes for her.. but can't make it... We walked the whole place and can't find any clothes suitable for me. As a matter of fact, there is only one miserable stall selling baby clothes. The trip isn't worth going. Nothing to see and buy. Some stalls aren't open for business yet. So dissapointed.

Can you see my mum at the front carrying momo?
This is what I buy at the pasar malam... Never seen elsewhere before so I tell my mum that I wants it.

Little momo lying in bed, after she was bathed. That legs... can kick you... and the fingers... can scratch you...
Tomorrow after work, I might be meeting my friends. Dunno what is the arrangement like... I would like to meet them cos' we have not been meeting up since like 2 yrs ago.... Anyway, I'll be knocking off at night after 10pm.
You know, you never know who are your true friends until you're in need.

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