Sunday, December 31, 2006

Okie, okie... my fault again... for not blogging for so long... Not my fault actually. My laptop simply can't load the "New Post" page. I waited and waited for so long and it still didn't appear. Lousy laptop, just like the previous owner... Good for nothing, only know how to sit down there and rot. Can't even do a simple thing... Might as well throw it away. Well, in fact I was planning to sell it to the garang guni when/if any passes by. Who knows he might not even wants it for free...

Today is the first day of 2007, last nite I was working and I did my countdown at my workplace. Got nothing to do so I send SMSes to all my friends asking them what are they doing at the point of time. Some replied back, whereas some didn't. Never mind cos' I know they are busy with their own countdown.

Last nite I suddenly think of my g/f. How I hurt her despite how much she trusts me... Feel so sad out of a sudden..... I asked myself how come I can bring myself to hurt such a good g/f and make her life from a beautiful dream into a nightmare simply in just like that. I really dunno why I can dump her for.... a rotten tree, full of worms on the inside. My life for the past one year is like living hell. Not a single day I can live in peace. I go to work oso in fear, that when I comes home something will happen. Such a thing never happen when I was with my g/f. She gives me all the security I could ever want and dreamt of. She is such a good girl, and yet I did a hurt so deep that even I myself couldn't forgive myself. Many times I will sit at the place where I used to wait for her after work, alone. Hoping that she will comes out from the entrance that she used to come out after work. But deep down in my heart I know she will never comes out from the very door again, cos' she is no longer working there. Yeah, I still keep in touch with her, so what??? You can lie then what the fucking KNNBCCB that I can't lie to you. Your lies are so much venomous than a snake, rattlesnake....

New Year Eve, in the past I always spent with my love ones. Walking hand in hand across the busy streets/not-so-busy streets/deserted streets. The kind of feeling is so warming and how I wished that every year I can do the same. I thought I have found someone that truly loves me, and I truly loves her. But it was all a bubble. Last year New Year Eve I was with the shit that I won't be able to see my daughter anymore. Now this year my daughter was with me. For the past one year, can anyone ever imagine how my life was turned upside down? If anyone out there wants to know the details of what I'm talking about here, just simply drop me a message at my blog and I can go sleepless for 3 days 3 nights just for the one person to read.

So if you got the righteous attitude, what are you waiting for?

I remember during my NS time my OC squad used to tell us after we passed out from PA and posted to whatever Division out there, we must remember one thing... We can be the most lousiest officer in the whole Division, someone who never managed to nab a single offender, someone who never get promoted, someone who didn't crack any case. No matter what, as long as we don't commit these 2 things:

(1) take bribes
Once you accept bribes, your whole life is ruined. You can't face your family, your friends, your squad mates. You got no dignity, no pride, no self respect. Forever you will be tattooed. Poor, so be it. No money, so be it. As least you can walk on the streets with your head high, your kids can lead an unashamedly childhood. Nobody will look down on you.

(2) frame other people
Many times you wanted to close the case. You got only 48 hours to get the evidence in order to charged the accused in court. Just bcos' you make a false statement and testify against him, he gets imprisonment. No doubt your words are much more trustworthy in court than any other witnesses, the judge will take your words for it cos' you're a law enforcer. He didn't do it means he didn't do it. You make him landed in prison just due to you think that he was the culprit. He may be with kids and wife at home. Inside the cell, he would tell himself that after he released, he can bear the pain not seeing his kids and wife but to seek revenge for the sufferings and wrongful imprisonment you caused him. Even if he can't seek his revenge, someone will do the job for him. You never know who he meet inside the prison. Someone who listens to his story and knows he is innocent, takes the job for him.

You take $10 from ppl, yes you can get away with it. In the eyes of law, you dun need to be responsible. You are smart, you plan all your back-up plans. You really think you are smart? You really think you can get away with it, after all the reaps you've sow? Someone from above will get you. I know everyone got their own goals to attain, own aim to achieve, own targets to reach. A employee works so hard, for what? He just want to earn his salary to support his family back home. Many foreign workers come all the way from their hometown to work in Singapore, for what? He just want to earn money to send back home, maybe there is a famine or drought back home. No matter what is your goals, aims or targets.. as long as you dun harm anyone or hurt anyone in your so-called route to your success. So what if you can climb the corporate ladder to the top management but on the way, you make ppl jobless and hatred. So what if you can have the whole world by yourself and no one is there to share with you?

After all the grief and torment you brought to others, then you started saying you're sorry and you really regret your own actions... What is the point? You have been warned many times not to play with fire, you read articles of ppl whose homes are brazed to ground zero, you saw with your own eyes how dangerous fires can be... and yet you heed no advice. Wait till your own home was brazen to ground zero then you start feeling remorseful for what you've done, what's the point for the damage has been done. Sorry doesn't mean anything till then.

I drunk driving and I hit your family, then I tell you:

"Sorry loh, sorry lah.... So now what you want from me? I say I'm sorry already mah... so now you not happy, is it?"

"Forgiveness is a great achievement. Learn to forgive, my friend..."

Now all I have for my year 2007 resolution is I just want to lead a new life with my Alexandria, my family, my friends who is with me... As for the rest, it is not important. I know God is watching and he got plans for me. Now I lost $10, he sooner or later will give me back $100 or even more, who knows?

At least I can see who are my true friends. Some after hearing my story can still wants to be my friends, offers to foot my bill for me, doesn't matter if they pay for my share... I just want to say a million thanks to those who lend me their shoulder to cry on, their ear to listen, their hugs to assure me. I won't forget you all, neither will Alexandria.

Let's talk about something more merrier...

On the 25th Dec, I was doing OT at Orchard Road. Supposedly I was doing the crowd control just in front of Wisma but last minute I was told to do anti crime patrol around Wisma. I, together with another 2 officers walked around the vicinity. So many people, so crowded. Wherever we are needed we proceed to wherever place. I did advise a ice-cream seller to move his motorcycle to some where farther away from the road. I gotta ask him some stupid questions at first:

"Hello uncle how is the business here?"
"You taken your lunch already?"
"What time you've been selling ice-cream here?"
"Who is this person next to you?"


"Sorrie uncle, I need to to move your motorcycle to that place over there. You know, here is so busy and people might knock into your motorcycle. Sorrie for that, I help you to push your motorcycle okay?"

He obliged... without needing my help.

So I went away happily.

Then we are called upon to escort one of the MP, from this place to the stage. I can't tell you who is the MP lah... So many ppl and we need to asked everyone in front to step aside and make way for him and his family to pass by. Doing OT is fun, esp you can see many things. At the end of the Xmas party, we still need to clear everyone off the road so that the refuse trucks can clean up the whole stretch of road. At 2230 hrs, the party comes to and end. We need to stand along the roadside till 0100 hrs. Chit chat and blow the whistle whenever some drunk fellas or stubborn fellas try to dash across the road despite told not to cross it. I got home about 0230 hrs and I found my little princess sleeping so soundly. I slept beside her...

How clever of her now? She can hold her own milk bottle on her own. You know, when I was feeding her, she would want to put her hand on the bottle, refusing to put down. Sometimes I need to remove the bottle from her mouth to let her breathe and she would push the bottle back into her mouth with her hand that was on the bottle. Or she will extend her head forward to suck the milk. So cute...

My mum bought for her some new clothes. The old ones are getting tight around her little body. Not too expensive but kinda big for her. But sooner or later, she will outgrown her own clothes too.

Huh, I saw some ants crawling on my papa's bed. Must be he eating in the bed loh...

Where is my pants? I feel so cold down there...

Hello, hello... who's there? Or, ouch I got a toothache... Hehe I got no teeth yet, where got toothache...

This pic I like most... Little momo is thinking so hard, biting her fingernails, cracking her brains... A penny for my thoughts?

I'm praying, I'm praying... that I got more new clothes to wear.... my papa can have money to buy clothes for me.

This one of the clothes my mum bought her her. Just in case you're wondering why is it so crumpled... Cos' I got it out from the laundry... hehe.

A long sleve top for her in case during the night it gets cold. As you know, the past few weeks it had been raining on and off. Can't afford to let my little princess to get sick.

Snoopy... My mum says it was quite red, so striking red.

Sleeping so soundly... In fact, this pic was taken after I got home after my afternoon shift. Which means it was around 12am midnight.

With this appearance, I think most people will say this is my son. I always tell my mum to get for her some dresses or skirts to wear. This is my daughter, not my son leh... But frankly speaking she does look very nice with a hat over her head. You know those little postman that we used to read in the frictional books when we were younger? Huckerberry Finn, anyone knows? Notice that her hand is pushing my head away...

This pic doesn't look as nice as the above one. Nevertheless this pic looks cute. Her hat got 2 tenticles, like those aliens.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Been a few days since I didn't managed to blog cos' dunno why sometimes I just can't seems to load this page. Today can upload this page so I faster seize this chance to upload all the pics I took during these few days. Btw, I still haven't had my dinner yet cos' my mum is feeding little momo porridge. While waiting, so I might as well blog a bit here.

These few days it had been raining non-stop. I'm sure many of us our clothes didn't get the chance to suntan outside. Momo diapers can't get dry and we got no choice but to let her wear the disposable drypers. Her butt is still so small and smooth to touch. I simply can't resist the temptation to pinch them whenever I change her drypers. Not that my papa is perverted but my small butt is damn seducing. Firm yet tender to touch.

Have you read in the papers in M'sia there are flood at Johor Muar to (dunno where). Really rain and rain hor. Pity those who ride motorcycles. My colleagues were wet from head till toe. They said even when they don the rain coat, they still get wet on the inside. Cos' the rain too garang liao.

Yesterday so hard to see the sun... I was going home after my night shift the day before, when I was walking towards my block, I saw so many clothes hanging outside the flats. Finally, my baby clothes will get dry...

I was rocking momo to sleep when she doesn't want to sleep. Instead she was looking so sheepishly at me so I stare back at her. Then I decided to reach out for my mobil phone, snap a pic of her...

Look at that pair of eyes... This is the first time i snap the pic of her in the sarong with her eyes open.

I was chatting with my new friend in MSN when I notice her bumping around inside my room. Staying in Jurong area too... Just normal chats, nothing much. Just curious, just bored, just want to find new friends.

I dunno whether is she angry for me leaving her alone to play by herself or she is showing off to me how strong are her arms. Pics show you a thousand words, but video will convince you more.

Didn't bluff you, right? I dun bluff my friends, what I tell is always the truth, not only to my friends in real life and also to virtual friends online.

It was my birthday and also momo 6th month old. I dun yearn for a feast nor a wild nite downtown. Anyway, I don't deserved such a treatment. Now all I want is my daughter leading a happy life. Day by day she is getting smarter and smarter.

My mum bathe her, awaiting for the rain to stop cos' we are going to take her to the polyclinic for her jab. It has been a couple of months since she last went for her free jab.

It was raining outside; papa is chatting with dunno which gal, grandpa is outside watching SCV, grandma is busy with her own chores, uncle leh chatting with his wife-to-be. I so bored sleeping in bed. All in blue, but I'm one cute little lass. Everytime make me wear blue, no wonder ppl always mistaken me to be a boy. You think papa will stop chatting and pay attention to me if I were to pee in his bed now? But alas, just now when grandma bathe me, I already wet my diapers. Now I got no more urine. So how? How about if I pooed?

Will someone please play with me? I promised I won't scratch or pull his/her hair.

Papa just carried me and he put me down again. I like the feeling when papa carry me in his arms.

The rain has stopped and my mum urged me to get my ass off the chair and take momo to the polyclinic. I was also thinking better get it done, once and for all. I mean dun drag anymore, cos' I know momo has missed a couple of jabs by now.

We took a cab to Jurong East Polyclinic. My mum doesn't want to put her in a sling nor in the baby pram. Hand-carry her, she said. It won't be long, she added. Once done, we will come back home. In the taxi, I was teasing little momo that the doc will jab her in the butt. I dunno if she understands me but for the sake of poking fun at her, doesn't matter lah. I was telling my mum that after it was done, I want to go and get a cake cos' it was my birthday today and as well as momo 6th month old.

She told me not to get any cakes cos' it is raining outside now. I told her it doesn't matter cos' it's my birthday and momo's 6th month old. Actually it was me who is greedy. I just want to get a small cake, celebrate it with momo and that's it.

We arrived at Jurong East Polyclinic and finds it all barricaded up. In my mind, I thought it was just normal construction works. *Nothing much* Who knows got a malay auntie approached me and asked if we're here to see a doc. My mum told me *yes* and she replied that the polyclinic is closed.

What the $#&k!!

We come all the way from home, take a cab some more and only to find it closed for renovation. And we even alighted from the cab and the cab has already went out of sight. So got no other choice but to wait for another cab.

No cab in sight. There are many cabs passing by but noone stop for us. My mum isn't sleeping but just that the timing is exactly when she blink her eyes.

Down there got a baby waving out to me... Can I go and play with her? Let me down, please? My name is Alexandria, what's yours?

We waited and waited... No cabs stop for me, so in the end I told my mum we might as well cross the road to the opposite side and hail the cab cos' it seems like our this side is down with luck.

True enough, the moment we reached the other side, one cab came and we board the cab... to Bukit Batok Polyclinic.

We got no appointment so it was considered a walk-in. We waited for the doctor to see us....

I registered at the counter and got a number at this room. Level 2... So off we go there. Outside the room we saw a malay couple with their daughter. Their daughter is only 3 months old and weighed 5.9 kg plus. Momo is 6 months old and only weighed 5.8kg. Damn... Yes, my momo might be smaller than other babies but she is stronger than most babies. When she kicks you, wow.... painful leh...

Soon it was our turn to see the nurse... She take a look at the baby booklet and ask us how come she (momo) didn't take her jabs for the DPT. In fact she missed 3 jabs for her DPT and polio. Actually we were there for her Hep B jab but the nurse says she need to take her 3 jabs for DPT and polio before she can take her 3rd Hep B jab. DPT stands for Diphtheria, Pertussis & Tetanus... Polio means Poliomyelitis.. So momo miss her 3rd, 4th and 5th month of these 2 jabs. She need to complete these 3 jabs first before taking the 3rd jab of Hap B. Furthermore the padiatrician needs to access her before the nurse can give her the 1st jab for DPT and Polio. So we need to see the padiatrician at the other room... She was a lovely lady doctor. She also asked me how come I can miss the appoinment supposed to be schedule in Sept, till Dec then I come with my daughter. I didn't know what to tell her. She said here is Singapore leh... Nevertheless, she ask my mum to put momo at the bed while she examine her.

"Wow, she is so strong" for she grab the doctor's scope and doesn't want to let go. The doctor got no choice but to let her have another toy to distract her.

The lady looks a bit like my g/f... Her features... It reminds me of her... The time we spent together for the past one year....

But now I got my momo liao, so what past is past... Now it's the present and future that what I should look forward to.

Then we went back to the nurse's place. She told my mum to sit down on the chair while she get the syringe. First she feed momo with a teaspoon of polio and then comes the jab of DPT at her right thigh.

Momo was crying earlier on. I wanted to take a pic of her crying and I ended up getting a scolding from... my mum. Actually her eyes are a bit wet from the crying earlier on. This pic can't really see clearly.

Big bad nurse jabs momo at the right thigh. Ouch... I didn't faint upon seeing syringes anymore. No, she was actually very nice to momo. At least momo just cried for a while...

Outside it was still raining. Luckily I brought along my umbrella. We waited at the Polyclinic for some time and still no cabs come in. Then I told my mum to wait under the shelter while i hail a cab from the roadside. I was carrying an umbrella and my hand was hooking the baby's bag, at the roadside waiting for any cabs. None stop by. All either on call or with passengers. I didn't expect this to happen....

One cab actually stops at the opposite side of the road calling out to me. I went in to shelter my mum and momo into the cab. Inside the cab, the taxi driver told me that just now he saw me waiting for cab at the roadside. At that point of time, he was with a passenger. He tells himself that after the passenger alights he will return back and see if I was still there or not. If I was still there, he would take me.

True enough, I was still there waiting for cab when he returns back. So he stop at the roadside and calls out to me. So hard to find such a good hearted person, esp when during times of need. Raining days... He saw me hooking a baby bag so definitely I got a baby at the polyclinic, he said. So all the way he didn't pick up any passengers until he return back to Bukit Batok Polyclinic. I didn't know where he drops his earlier passenger off but no matter what, he is so kind to do such a deed. He told me to take my time to board the cab cos' I was hurrying to get into the cab.

When we reached my block he once again tell me to take my time to keep my wallet after I paid him the fare.

"Down there I can wait for you, down here I can't wait for you ah"

I wanted to take his photo and his plate number and send to STOMP... He might win the best taxi driver but at least let others know about his existance. But I didn't leh... My mum was carrying momo and walking away for shelter. So I ended up didn't take his photo.

At home, I was taking a afternoon nap in my room. Momo was playing with her toes and trying to suck them. Ha! When I wake up, my mum told me that my bro had already bought a birthday cake for me and put it in the fridge. I can have it later on. My idea was just to get something small and not too expensive. But since my bro had already bought one for me, so be it loh...

I took 3 pieces of it... Hehe... I like to eat cakes...


Yesterday was my night shift... Today is my off day... When I got home, I saw momo at the living room playing with the bread loaf.

Ops, papa is back... I hide the bread first...

I want to make peanut butter for my papa... He must be hungry after work...

But hor, how to open the knot leh...

See how momo how she tries to tear open the bread wrapper...

Sob2.... I can't open up the wrapper... Papa must be so hungry and I so useless...

I promised you that I will take a video of her crying... and here it is.. It was just for 4s of her crying. You know, you can't expect me to take a video of her crying for like one minute.. That means I watch her cries for one minute and I just happy taking video...

Recently in the papers there is an article about a chinese man stabbing his chinese lover over 10 times. And someone, instead of calling the police or stopping the attacker, flims it and upload it at youtube. Damn solid ah...

At night, my mum and I went down to the pasar malam for a walk. Momo says want to follow us so we take her along with us.

I wanted to get for her more dresses and maybe some new baby clothes for her.. but can't make it... We walked the whole place and can't find any clothes suitable for me. As a matter of fact, there is only one miserable stall selling baby clothes. The trip isn't worth going. Nothing to see and buy. Some stalls aren't open for business yet. So dissapointed.

Can you see my mum at the front carrying momo?
This is what I buy at the pasar malam... Never seen elsewhere before so I tell my mum that I wants it.

Little momo lying in bed, after she was bathed. That legs... can kick you... and the fingers... can scratch you...
Tomorrow after work, I might be meeting my friends. Dunno what is the arrangement like... I would like to meet them cos' we have not been meeting up since like 2 yrs ago.... Anyway, I'll be knocking off at night after 10pm.
You know, you never know who are your true friends until you're in need.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Today is Mon... First day of the week, some say Sun then is the first day of the week... Now the time is 8:30am. Soon my hp will start to ring, with those fellas from the banks will start calling me asking me when or have I make any payments with them. Damn! I really hopw that all these shit will come to an end soon. It's really hell-torturing to receive all the calls, some more private numbers... Some are good enough to leave a voice message whereas some just called and hang up after a few rings. I dunno who is the caller cos' there is a fucking bastard out there somewhere who likes to do such a thing. He will called and then hang up, not once but many times. Must be high after taking Subutex loh.

Some banks are nice, they willing to hear my story out and give me a lot of time grace. Diners club is the most fucked up one. No matter what I tell him, he just don't want to listen. He dun even bother to hear me out. Only want money, he even got the fuckin guts to tell me if I can't pay I should tell them earlier that if I want to declare bankrupt so that they can save the effort to keep on calling and pressing me for payments. Hello, to sue a person bankrupt one need to owe at least 10k and for the past one year the debtee hasn't make any payments. I still got a long way to go before that. It is really a screwed up thing to owe ppl money and the more screwed up thing is you yourself don't even know how come you owe so much money. Imagine you're being sentenced to a imprisonment of 20 yrs and you dun even know why. Just bcos' you happen to be around the vincinity when the rape/murder/kidnapping took place. Maybe not murder lah, cos' murder is death penalty. Put it as cupable homicide not amounting to murder lah.

My little princess is sleeping now, she wakes up at 6am crying for milk. My mum feeds her while I go and wash up. Now she must be tired cos' she was in her walker after her milk till around 8:30am. At nite when she sleeps, she will roll off from her mattress and onto the floor. Often I wake up and find her pillow is at somewhere else not under her head. She looks really cute when she is sleeping. You can find her little actions when she is sleeping. If there is a chance, I'll record it down and upload it here.

Each carrying a baby... Really a fat cat hor. Sometimes they can really stare at each other blankly. I guess the hatred has alredy been seeded.
A song from Alanis Morissette, her album Jagged Little Pill. This album has been out since 1995. The song, You Outta Know...
I want you to know, that I’m happy for you
I wish nothing but the best for you both
An older version of me
Is she perverted like me
Would she go down on you in a theatre
Does she speak eloquently
And would she have your baby
I’m sure she’d make a really excellent mother
Cause the love that you gave that we made wasn’t able
To make it enough for you to be open wide,no
And every time you speak her name
Does she know how you told me you’d hold me
Until you died,til you died
But you’re still alive
And I’m here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away
It’s not fair to deny me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
You,you, you oughta know
You seem very well,things look peaceful
I’m not quite as well,I thought you should know
Did you forget about me Mr. Duplicity
I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner
It was a slap in the face how quickly I was replaced
Are you thinking of me when you fuck her
Cause the love that you gave that we made wasn’t able
To make it enough for you to be open wide,no
And every time you speak her name
Does she know how you told me you’d hold me
Until you died,til you died
But you’re still alive
And I’m here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away
It’s not fair to deny me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
You,you,you oughta know
Cause the joke that you laid on the bed that was me
And I’m not gonna fade
As soon as you close your eyes and you know it
And every time I scratch my nails
down someone else’s backI hope you feel it...well can you feel it
And I’m here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away
It’s not fair to deny me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
You,you,you oughta know

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today is Sunday.. Cloudy day... Papa says he want to go for a jog but didn't go... Grandpa says he want to take me go down and meet my new friends, also to let those aunties pinch my cheeks and let everyone crowd around me saying how pretty am I, didn't go also. Many of a time I also dunno why everyone keep on repeating the same thing to me. I know I'm cute, I know I'm pretty but doesn't all babies are cute and pretty. Sky dark dark so I end up staying at home. What I did was I cropped at home crying and making papa and grandma hand busy leg confused... Hehe... Momo is getting more and more naughty hor...

Where are my toys? I want to play with my toys....

Huh? Why the gremlin is lying beside me? He is not breathing leh... His eyeballs are opening so wide.. Dun tell me he is......

Hello hello are you okay.... You dun scared me leh... you got any 3 long 2 short I need to make NP299 report leh... They will say I killed you de... Not to worry papa teach me CPR before... Head tilt chin lift, give you 2 blows, then see if you got any breathing.... Or you wait for a while I go call my papa come here...

This is my papa, you know he always want to take my naked photo. He say my butt so small and round, nice to pinch leh... but who bathe got wear clothes one leh...

Now go and bathe, or you want papa to beat your pat pat again...

*Always beat my pat pat... I go bathe loh...*

How I wish that those words are spoken by her. How I wish that she can talk sooner.

Little princess is up to some naughty stuffs again. I caught her at the balcony one day. I didn't know why she ended up there. Can you see from the pic that her legs are so long that even when I adjusted the walker seat to the maximum and still there is room for her to bend her legs. Furthermore she isn't like one year old or two. She is just 6 months old. She likes her Piyo Piyo toy very much. Gotta let her hold it whenever my mum is feeding her with porriage or cereal. Later then I find out why she is out at the balcony. Cos' my father is mending his shoes and little princess need to see people around then she won't cry. So my father put her there loh.

Piyo piyo, do you know how much I like you? How come you eat and eat but still so flat one.

Come, I tell you some secrets about my papa....

I dun understand why babies all like to eat their fingers leh? What is so tasty about sucking fingers... Can you see she got 2 teeth in her mouth? Well, that isn't her teeth, just the reflection from my phone's flash.

Actually she is watching the TV programmes. Till now I still dun know what programmes she likes to watch? Failure hor...

Do we look alike? She was struggling when I took her pics in my arms. Luckily the effects out is still good.
I went to take my annual IPPT. I didn't even trained up for it. I hardly got the chance to go for a run downstairs. I just went for the sake of attending. You know, now bonus is coming so we need to clear all our compulsory tests; shooting test, IPPT, In-service, PR-24.... in order to get our bonus intect. If not, bonus ganna deducted.
Still I went for all the 5 stations and still fare well. Most probably I just obtain a pass loh. Better than nothing mah. I expected to fail one leh, cos' I didn't trained up mah. Fail is okay leh, at least you attend. Some ppl dun even turn up. Of cos' for both cases you still fail but for the former case, your attendance is taken so you got one hour OT to claim and your effort to turn up will earn some points. I mean at least you turn up and take your annual IPPT, so no matter what still better than you absent.

I wanted to snap some picss around PA but dunno if I ganna caught or not leh. Now it was known at the Old Police Academy. I wanted to go up to my old barracks which I stayed during my basic training days in 1998... Wow, dun say oso dun realised it had been 8 years old now. Training days was fun. All bathe together, you see mine and i see yours. All eat together in the PA Mess. At night all polish shoes, sitting and chatting together. Such fun not everyone will experience.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Noti Momo is going to be 6 months old in just a few more days.... 19th Dec is her 6th month old and also my birthday.... Okay lah, now you know already so you should know what to do lah... Simple simple will do lah... Just joking lah, I now where got extra money to celebrate woh... Maybe just buy a cheap cake, blow the candles and cut the cake. One for me and one for my little princess. You saw in the papers government will be increasing the private sector for the annual bonus and all government sector will be getting 2.2 month bonus. No matter how many months of bonus I be getting also not enough for me to pay for my credit cards. Say, if I earn 2k a month, unless CISCO give me, like, 100 month bonus then maybe it's enough loh.... Like real leh... FCUK lah.

Lately got no lobang for OT leh... So just go home after work and play with my baby. You know, today I asked her to give me a kiss and she really did leh... She pulled my hair towards her and licked my face. Yucks, got saliva plus some cereal. When my mum asked her to kiss her, she also did the same. So I guess anyone who ask her to kiss them, she will also do the same thing...

Papa I got a tooth growing inside my mouth... I think it's time now for her teeth to grow out loh. You know her fingers are so strong. She can scratch you and scratch herself.

The nail clipper I bought for her. So cute leh... So tiring to cut her nails cos' she keeps on moving and struggling. You hold onto her hands too long, she will cry.

This pic Momo is more fairer then the pic below... The lightings loh... Now her jumpers are too short to be button at the bottom liao... My mum just let her wear as a top. Not to worry, tomorrow I'll get some new ones for her. I want to buy more dresses for her to wear. I eat lesser never mind, as long as my momo got clothes to wear and food to eat...

That cute looking bottom is for wraping clothes diapers.

The 2 pics are taken just a few minutes diff. Why? Cos' just after I took the above pic, she pee out. So I change her diapers and snap another one as well.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sat I was doing OT at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Sandy Lam's concert. I wasn't a fan of her but anyway since I was there during her concert so I just upload a few of her pics taken during her concert. I didn't take any of the pics myself, I uploaded them from her fan club. Only 8 of us were deployed there. We were there since 6:30pm till 11:30pm. I didn't know she got so many fans in Singapore leh... but compared to the Emil Chow's concert on the 2nd Dec, still short of a little bit. Anyway, almost all the seats are occupied in the case of Sandy Lam's concert. Well, Emil Chow's concert, all the seats are occupied. Dun compared artists like that. Each has their own influence and fans.

The face of Sandy Lam is printed on the T-shirt.

The theme of that nite's concert.

Pretty or not? Well, it's up to individual loh... But as far as I noticed, everyone on the stage with make-up are all pretty under the limelight

That silver coloured statue is a real person leh...

See the two female dancers beside her.. I tell you, they're not only great dancers but pretty too

That is where I was standing when the concert starts. Just beside Sandy Lam.. Hehe, so I say lah, doing OT at concerts has this advantage. Dun need to pay a single cent. Ha ha... The most expensive is $148 while the cheapest is $68.

List of songs she sang :
01. 傾斜
02. 燒
03. 我坐在這裡
04. 鏗鏘玫瑰
05. 夜太黑
06. 存在
07. Better Man
08. 愛上一個不回家的人
09. 遠走高飛
10. 鷹與星
11. 再生戀
12. 為你我受冷風
13. 不必在乎我是誰
14. 至少還有你
15. 傷痕
16. It Wasn’t Meant To Be
17. 相信
18. 玫瑰香
Diva Medley:
19. Diva2
0. 不還你
21. 天大地大
22. 一分鐘都市一分鐘戀愛
23. 一個人
24. 灰色
25. 破曉
26. 聽說愛情回來過
27. 紙飛機
28. 心野夜
English Medley:
29. I Swear
30. Are You Ready For Love
31. And So It Goes
32. Almost Over You
When she was singing the Diva Medley, I was already outside the Stadium ready for the crowd to exit. Standby at my position awaiting for the cars/pedestrians to come out. I tell you leh, you might not believe me Chen Han Wei stop in front of me and asking for directions. I didn't see who is the girl beside her. He was driving a Nissan March, brown colour one.