Friday, November 03, 2006

Today when I got home, little momo was eating her cereal. I noticed she wearing a little red skirt. So cute with two little pictures at the side. The skirt was one of those clothes we put aside cos' at the point of time when I sort out her clothes, those which I think she can't wear I put it away. Now it's time to take them out and let her wear.

The top has been worn many times already... The red skirt was the first time letting her wear? Wanna see how this combination looks like on her?

Here is the effect... Little model in her red skirt. Some how I still think that little Alexandria looks nicer in pants.

Her tummy looks quite bloated, right? It correct that her liver now doesn't swell anymore, yeah it's true but why her tummy still looks bloated leh? Maybe it was she too greedy and ate too much brown rice cereal. I still think she looks more like a boy... Little girl got the boyish looks. Sigh... Well, the only consolation I had is.. you know there are many supermodels in the world that look very ugly when they're younger. Let's hope that she's one of them. I'm not hoping she will be a supermodel one day but just a little pat on my own back. Frankly speaking, her limbs are pretty long and strong. Shouldn't be a problem growing tall...

She just like to hug her bean spout pillow when she sleeps, with her pacifier in her mouth.

Showing a "OK" sign...

Today after work, instead of taking the feeder bus I choose to walk all the way back home. Well, actually it wasn't that far away. One way to exercise myself cos' due to sitting too much and it's good to sweat a bit. So I've decided to walk from my home to the MRT station every time I goes to work and back from work.

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