Friday, November 10, 2006

Today I went to Changi Airport for a walk. Alone... Supposingly I was doing OT but who knows in the end I didn't go woh...

Last nite was my night shift. This morning, I rushed back home after work cos' I booked OT for today's assignment at Esplande. I think got dunno what run lah there.. Maybe those working nearby or pass by will know better loh. I got home at about 10:30 am.... I reached home and I straight awway lie on my bed and sleep... So tired... Then I wake up at 11:30am and took a bath and went back to Paya Lebar liao. When I reached there, they told me they need to cut down on the manpower woh... They need more outriders than those doing traffic control. I dun have Class 2 licence... So I didn't know whether am I going or not. I waited... and waited... and waited... In the end, I just went off. Can you imagine I rushed back home, only sleep for a while and rushed back... Only to end up empty-handed. Not only that I wasted my transport money for nothing. *-*

I wanted to go to the Motorshow at Suntec. But no kaki leh... Go alone quite boring leh... Go no one to talk to. I mean admire the cars together lah... I know Sassyjan will be there, but she sure busy so might not have the chance to talk to her. Anyway, I took the MRT to Changi Airport... Feeling down so can take a chance to walk walk there.

Took this pic at Changi Airport MRT station itself. I think many people already know that so I can save my energy explaining this board.

This escalator is the one after you exit from the MRT and head towards Terminal 2. Nowadays in the papers got many kids wearing the crocs and the shoes ganna struck at the gap. So scary... Cannot let my little momo wear crocs... grrr.....

I went to the Viewing Hall and snap a few pics, if I can find anything nice. Managed to see a JetStar plane going to park there so I fast hand fast leg snap a pic of it.

Then I saw this blue colour plane going to drive away. Again fast hand fast leg snap a pic... I that time didn't know what airline is that... Only till when I refer to the legends at the departure hall, then I find out it was the Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Taken at Departure Hall at Terminal 2. You know at that time there is a Japanese man sitting just beside me. When I was standing there, he took a look at me and thinking what am I doing standing beside him. He even grab his business bag and hug it leh... Siao...

I took the skytrain, went to Terminal 1... Wow... I didn't know that even the skytrain was changed. You still remember the old skytrain looks like the LRT we are now taking? I supposed the LRT is also the old skytrain. I saw a very pretty lady pushing her trolley with her kids. I tell you hor, really very elegant-looking leh... Tall and slim. Looks like Japanese or Korean, but her kids are talking in Chinese leh... So I guess loh... maybe a Singaporean who just come back from overseas. Or a Singaporean who has been staying overseas for long time.

I saw Starbucks and Coffee Bean at Terminal 2. I still prefer Starbucks lah... Earlier on, there are many customers at the store. I walked a big round, big round means from Terminal 2 walk around and then take the skytrain to Terminal 1, went to the Viewing Hall, then took the skytrain back to Terminal 2.... I queue up and get myself a drink... So long didn't frequent Starbucks liao. I occupied the couch by myself. Hehe...

The shelf is full of cups and drinking bottles. And some Starbuck teddy bears.

Can see clearly now?

This is my Frappucino Green Tea with whip cream on top. Grande size.

Lately, I started practicing walking to Boon Lay MRT, to and fro. I think it doesn't take much time walking. I took the shortcut and cut across the HDBs void decks. Recently need to pay some bad debts so need to save up those unnecessary expenses. I know I shouldn't spend my money at Starbucks today but I tell myself maybe it worth spending a few bucks just to make myself a little merrier. I promised I won't do it again. Talking about walking back home from Boon Lay MRT hor, last 2 nites I was going home after my afternoon shift I passed by the MSCP (multi-storey carpark) near to Boon Lay MRT I remembered there are some Cityspeed car lots located at Blk 664. I kaypoh took a look at the cars available. True eunf, there are 4 car lots, 3 cars parking there. 2 Auto and 1 Manual. I peek at the interior design, still okay lah... Quite clean. I dunno if my actions are captured by the CCTV there or not leh... Anyway, I didn't do anything funny or wrong mah... I just peek a bit mah.

Maybe from tomorrow onwards, I will bring my lunch from home instead of buying outside. Just more white rice and a little of meat will do and a little veggies. If you think that I'm leading a hard time then you're wrong. There is nothing wrong eating a little more thrifty. During these past few years, I got money I enjoyed. I went to many hotels for buffets and reataurants. Eat like a king is nothing new to me. I had my days already, so now there isn't any reason why I should feel that I suffered.

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