Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I wanted to drive a car but I got no money to get a new car. I think that's the normal mindset of someone who got their first driving licence. No more PDL, no more need to keep only at the left lane, no more scolding from instructors... My dream is to drive from Jurong till Changi Airport. Why from Jurong leh? Simple mah, cos' I lived in Jurong loh... You tut2....

But hor, I just got my Class 3 leh... who will dare to lend me their cars?!?! So I had to turn to car rental companies. I managed to find a few... But all of the below doesn't accept P-plate drivers.

Cityspeed Carsharing

a) To be at least 19 years old and not more than 65 years old
b) A valid driving licence
c) Have at least 1 year driving experience. (Applicants with probationary licence are subjected to approval. Terms and Conditions apply)

P-plate are subjected for approval... Can consider loh... Jurong West got a few locations oso... But if I were to tell them I just got my licence one week ago, you think will they approve my application or not leh...


Have a valid driver's licence
Have a minimum of one year of driving experience
Are at least 21 years old and below 65 years old
Are a Singaporean, or a PR, or an employment pass holder

Min. one year of driving experience... Dun need to consider loh....

Popular Rent A car

Driver must produce a valid Singapore Class 3 driver's license and identity card (locals) or International driver's license translated in English with passport (foreigners). Minimum age is above 23 and maximum 60 years old. A minimum of 2-year qualified driving experience is required.

Min. 2 years of driving experience needed.... See oso dun need to see....

Honda Diracc

Age 22 and above
A valid Class 3 driving licence (Including probational licence)
Singapore citizen, permanent resident, employment pass holder

Suits me but all the car locations are in town area, Wisma Atria, Park Mall, Raffles City, HDB Hub...

Can't expect me to take mrt to those locations to pick up the car, right? And then after returning the cars, I take mrt back home... Then might as well, I take mrt all the way.

I only left with one more choice....

NTUC Income Carsharing

It got CarAccess for P-plate drivers...

CarAccess is a carsharing project designed for new drivers who have just graduated with a Class 3 driving license.
CarAccess offers new drivers an affordable opportunity to improve their newly acquired car handling and road skills.

Usage Cost
$10.00 per hour (Manual) or $11.00 per hour (Auto).
Minimum 3 hours usage.
Each hour of use comes with 10 km free. Additional km driven is charged at 40 cents per km.
All rates include petrol and motor insurance.

It cost slightly more compared to those who has enough driving experience. It's like that one lah. We P-plate are bounded by the Bo Bian Act. Just got our licence cannot hiam this hiam that. Got someone who is willing to give us a chance to drive on the road is good enough already. Bit our teeth and soon after we dun need to display the P-plate triangle...after 12 months.

I applied already.. Now waiting for the approval from them.

If NTUC doesn't approve my application then also bo bian loh...

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