Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last nite I went to watch The Host at Jurong Point. The show is pretty nice, amusing at some scenes too. On the whole, I rate this movie a 4 *. A stupid cock head scientist choose of all places to pour their chemicals into the basin and another more stupid junior scientist following his stupid instructions. As a result, the chemical dump polluted the Han River (汉江). One little innocent sea creature turned into a mutant and it emerged from the river and starts to kill the Koreans. Just imagine like the Japanese Godzilla. Only diff is Godzilla is there to save Japan while this "now-not-so-innocent" mutant sea creature is on the wrong side of the law...

The moral of this show is:-

  1. Never hold the wrong hand even if you're running for your life. Cos' when the time you realise your mistake, you won't have the time to rectify your mistake.
  2. When roasting food for your customers, never QC the food.
  3. Never scold and hit your brother on the head for the mistakes he made.
  4. Never underestimate the mobile phone you had, cos' during the critical times it could be the only electronics device that save your ass, even if it is the most obiang mobile phone you ever seen.
  5. Sometimes a "insane" person maybe telling the truth, even if all of you thinks that he is due to under too much grieve for losing his beloved one.

This show is really a nice movie. It shows what a father would do to save his own daughter's life. It shows how a family would get together to save their loved one.

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