Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So fast and it's August liao..... National Day is just round the corner... 8 more days... To some ppl it is a day to watch the NDP either at home on TV or some ppl who specially go and apply the tickets online to watch it 'live' (I dunno it is held at the Padang or National Stadium this year leh) Haha!!

Oh no no no, it is not that I dun love my country but the fact is that every year due to my nature of my job and also during my NS time, most of the NDP I spent is either on duty or standby. So NDP to me is like..... Thanks, but no thanks...

Me very lucky, I didn't ganna any standby or deployment this year... Mainly is due to my shift work. So there is no chance for them to deploy me. I still remember during my NS time when I need to standby at Kallang MRT... So many crowd and we need to maintain the order... We got free food, from KFC leh.. But all are original chicken lah... Neber mind, still it's from KFC and it's free...

Sometimes I do miss the life during NS. That is the times where we build our fitness. Where on earth can we shoot for free and got free training leh. Those who didn't serve NS hor.... Some ppl think that NS is a waste of time, some says it's not necessary... Well, it's all up to individual lah. Before I ORD in June 2000, the most memorable time was during the very first Millenium Countdown. I still remember the place I was deployed was at the Paragon. So crowded... We got free food from Pizza Hut, KFC (as usual) and one more sponsor now I forgotten what liao... Anyway, we eat and eat and eat... That night all the GSM network was jammed. Can't even make a phone call out... But hor among us got one fella who is using PCN network. He can call to his friends to wish them Happy 2000. He said he is smart but I say he was heng suay.

This was taken... when she just poo-ed and waiting for me to change her diapers. Notice her face... it was like "Wait... I still haven't poo finished yet"

Sleeping again... Notice the white thing below? That was to prevent her from peeing and stain the bedsheet. What branded diapers oso will leak lah... What super absorbent, what all night long (Hehe how come sound like another type of advertisment)

Super lazy cat and still dare to look at me. He didn't even bother to look away when I was snapping his pic. Can you imagine his head is the same circumference as his neck? BTW, he was sitting on top of the massage chair. Bcos' of him loh, my mum wants me to buy the portable vacuum cleaner.

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