Sunday, August 13, 2006

Recently I was busying with my new past-time... No time for blogging or even chatting online... It was so much fun and the excitment... was so hard to describe. Even if I were to blog it here, ppl will also just read and shake or nod their heads "Oh yeah yeah yeah... I know that... My who and who also obsessed with it too"

How many ppl out there really knows the thrill and spill of playing Need For Speed Underground? I bought this PC game not long after I started my driving lessons. Then I dunno why oso I didn't play it and I just chuck it together with my other CDs. Why out of a sudden I will reinstall it in my PC leh? Cos' someone in my house was learning driving so I thought of letting her practice playing racing games as to enhance her judgement and skills. But she was not those gaming siao so I ended up playing the game myself every nite, every morning, every afternoon... Initially I was like just playing for the sake of cos' I installed it, but now I was playing it for the money. Money to modify my cars and buying those parts. Nos, spoiler... In the game, I drive Honda Civic. I change here change there, paint my wheels, add tear, add spoiler....

Yesterday I went to Funan Centre in the late morning after my weapon handling test followed by my trial shoot. Every year we need to go for this boring thing. I got marksman despite the last time I shoot was in 2005. Ha! I went to Challenger to see if there is any new games. Need For Speed Underground 2 now is on sale. I thought of buying a new keyboard. My keyboard was those cheap cheap one from BENQ mah. I think it's okay leh. Can type can use without any difficulties so on second thoughts I think I'll postpone the idea of getting a new one.

I went to Scotts before I headed to Funan Centre. Scotts got this Gramophone moving sale at B1. I bought another CD of Laura Pausini. Her songs and vocals are simply superb man.

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