Saturday, July 29, 2006

Okie... now I'm feeling bored so I blog a bit here... Wondering where is my little princess? Well, my mum is taking care of her and she doesn't want me to hinder her so I stuck in my own room with only my computer. Now I wished that Alexandria will grow up soon, able to walk and talk so that I can chat with her and tell her bed-time stories.

Earlier on, she refused to sleep and when I fed her, she refused to drink her milk and wants to sleep.... *_*

My dad says her bones are very strong and her flesh isn't those flabby type. So I presume she will be able to walk, say, 6 months later. Can you imagine a baby that is only 1 month plus old and she got calves muscle?!?! Wow... Her kicks are so powder-ful leh... Some times when I try to carry her with my arm, she will kick me with her feet.

An uninvited guest popped into my room while I'm blogging... So far so good. I mean so far this fat cat didn't do anything to my little princess. Some times I wonder does he realise there is a baby in the house. He was living in his own world, everyday wake up then hide some corner whereby no one able to see him and sleeps his day.

I bought this new portable vacuum cleaner from Giant. It can use for wet and dry purposes. My mum wants me to get it cos' the cat was leaving his fur everywhere in the living room. We can use it to clean up his mess so that Alexandria can lie on the couch. Next time oso can use it to vacuum my car, if I managed to pass my Class 3 soon. Sigh... It seems hor, so far away leh...

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