Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My dear Alexandria got discharged on the 20th June afternoon. I went for my driving lessons in the morning 10:30 am. This will be my 5th time taking my TP test. I hope that I can passed this time. You know, ppl say after their baby is born their luck will turned better. Dunno true or not leh... Oh baby, you must blessed papa, okie? If not, papa can't take you around in the car oh...
Earlier on just before both my wife and baby can discharged, she refused to drink any milk. The nurse says if she still doesn't want to drink any milk by 11am, she got to stay in NUH. Poor baby!! Luckily she did drink some milk by 11am.. If not she really has to stay. So worried that she might really need to stay.
BTW, do you know that a newly born baby can survive 3 days without sucking any milk?
Her going home clothes. So cute....

Closed up. Do you think she look like me?

The 2 are her soft toys. I specially reserved for her. The gremlin and the mouse. But she was still small, doesn't know who are they.

She was awake... She always sleep and hardly wakes up.

Sleeping so soundly.

See? This was after she had been fed and had her diapers changed.

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Anonymous said...

bb girl very cute =)
From kiyomi