Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just now I went to the pasar malam with my wife and my baby... Of cos' with my baby lah, got my wife sure got this noti gal tagging along mah... Told her not to follow but dun know why my wife still wants to bring her along.

She is inside the womb mah.. You tut tut de....

Well, pasar malam are basically all the same lah hor... Stalls selling watches lah, Ramly burgers, 金隆牌台灣香腸, pillows and bolsters, household products, etc. Now you missed it or you forget to buy something that you saw at this pasar malam A, fear not cos' you can find it at the next pasar malam B.

We walk and see many people. Also ate some food there. Had a cheese and black pepper sausage, drink a young coconut from thailand.

Then we come to one stall selling tibits. Can you imagine one big packet selling only $2.80?!?! So mai du liao.... Fast hand fast leg buy one packet each...

When paying money, the cute cashier says:

"sorrie, no big plastic bag anymore..."

"Can carry like that or not?"

I give her one look and smile

She got my hint liao and she asked one guy sitting nearby to help to find some string to tie it up....

Expect me to hug and carry it home meh....

I like the cheese favour, Super Ring....

Super Cheese balls...

Actually the main topic is not about what super rings or super cheese balls.... The main character is...........









How many of you remember when we are still in primary school days, the canteen selling KaKa.... It has been such a long time since I last taste KaKa.... So of cos' must buy a packet back home mah.....

Cost $2.... The super ring and super cheese balls only cost $2.80 a big pack

Still remember how it looks like?

One kaka drop on the floor, one kaka drop on the floor.. if one kaka drop on the floor, there are how many kaka still in the packet?

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